Thursday, February 24, 2011

Out of Necessity (more or less)

we've started a new blog.

I've used up all of the space allowed for uploading photos on this site, so I thought it necessary that we start afresh.  Beginning a new chapter in our lives was another reason this seemed fitting.  

You can visit our new blog HERE, if you'd like.  

This blog will still remain; at least until we get those books made.  David did have a "blog to book" printed (from as one of my Christmas gifts.  It was such a fun present; I was definitely not expecting it!  However, it was only the first year (2008).  Hopefully I can get the other years in book form before too long.  "Scrapbooking" is definitely taking on a whole new look (though I must admit it's hard to beat the personal touch of a hand made album).  But this day and age, digital books are a great alternative to those who don't have the time for creatively documenting their memories. :)  

Well, I'll miss this little "home"; 
but it is now time to move on . . .