Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This was the first summer that John David officially participated in Vacation Bible School.  To say the least, he LOVED it!  His favorite part was going to "big church" for the opening celebration each morning.  The two-year-old class did not attend this part of the day, but I knew that John David would enjoy it.  (You know how he loves music and microphones, etc.) I took him to the sanctuary each morning before taking him to join his classmates.  He still had his preschool program at the University on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but we were able to be at the opening part of VBS before heading to school.  He spent Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings in his VBS class (and I stayed to help out) and thoroughly enjoyed his new teachers and friends!        

Tuesday excited to get to go back to Bible School!
(and holding a of his favorite books :)

The back of this year's VBS t-shirt...
The Boomerang Express was the theme; 
"It all comes back to Jesus"

John David enjoying the opening celebration, 
microphone in hand, of course!

All week long "Kangaroo" was a part of Bible School, and 
John David could not wait to see him each morning.
When we were putting him to sleep one night that week, he asked if he could see the kangaroo.  I told him that the kangaroo had to go to sleep and so did he, and that he 
could see him in the morning. 
The next morning when John David woke up, he said 
"I'm awake!" followed by "Kangaroo's awake!"  
Although at one point in his life John David was leery of toddlers, 
surprisingly he has always loved such things as this big animal.
Characters like him have never been on his 
 list of dislikes . . . 

John David and his new friend, 
waiting patiently for water games 

Nothing like a refreshing popsicle on a hot Alabama day

Snack time!
No doubt John David enjoyed having treats 
that he usually doesn't get at home :) 

On stage with microphone in hand; 
contrary to what one might believe, this is one of my 
"prone to be shy and quiet" child's favorite places to be!
Saying "good-bye" to Kangaroo at the end of the week.

Sunday night at Circlewood Baptist Church; 
the kids all wore their orange VBS shirts and 
performed the songs they had learned during the past week.
This was John David's first real public performance on stage.
He did great - we were very proud of him!  

A special thanks to Mrs. Virginia Thomas, as well as the other teachers in John David's class, that made it such a fun week for him!  Oh, and as far as the kangaroo goes . . . we were getting ready to go to church this morning, and John David asked if we would see the kangaroo. (Surprisingly, he hasn't talked of him much since VBS has been over.)  I told him that he was from Australia and had to go back home.  Maybe LifeWay can work a kangaroo into next year's theme . . . John David may not think it right otherwise. :)   

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My Daddy and me 
(and my older brother, K.J., looking on)

I LOVE my Daddy!  All of my life, he has been the most wonderful Dad that any little girl could ever dream of!  I am so thankful to be able to say that; what a gift of sweet grace from the hand of our Heavenly Father.  My dad has always lavished me with such tender love and affirmation; I never felt the need to seek it any place else.  My dad has been in ministry all of my life, serving as a pastor for the majority of it.  Growing up in his home, he took time to spend with me each day and always made me feel so special.  He would take me on special "dates" or simply carve out time in his day for what we called "LT watching AG" (I would sit in his lap ("LT" meant "lap time") and watch an episode or two of Andy Griffith ("AG")).  And when his schedule was full, he was still so intentional to give of his time to me.  (Even if it meant taking me along with him. I remember many nights playing "secretary" in the church office while he studied or prepared his sermons.) I have always been so content with his kind affection and our relationship has been such a source of security for me all my life.  I have told him that David Kizziah is the only man I would have left him for! :)
Thank you, Daddy, for showing me a picture of what the love of our Heavenly Father looks like; so unconditional, so beautiful.  Thank you for loving Mom the way that you do, and for letting the boys and I know how much you adore her.  Thank you for being so committed to our Lord; observing you each day growing up was like looking at a living picture of what it meant to be a disciple of Christ.  Thank you for modeling discipline for us; your commitment to God's Word and hiding It in your heart has always served as a challenge for me to do the same.  I could go on and on; words are not adequate.  I love you and am so proud to be your daughter! 
And thank you for what a WONDERFUL granddaddy you are!  It has been such a joy to watch you be "Big Daddy" to John David these past two years.  I can't wait for our little girl to get to know you too!  I'm glad we are having a girl.  I told David that I want him to be loved the way that I love my Daddy!  You are the best!  

Of course, I must mention that the Lord has also blessed me with two priceless grandfather's and a great father-in-law, all whom I love dearly.  I wish I had time to write about each one. 
But I will take a moment to write about my sweet husband . . . the father of my children.  
It hasn't surprised me, but David has proven to be the most wonderful daddy to our John David these past two years.  This is actually David's 3rd year to be able to celebrate this special day. . . John David was born 2 weeks before Father's Day 2007.  I am amazed each day at the love and energy and wisdom that pours forth from my husband as he "Daddy's" our son.  I can't wait to see him with a little girl!  I love you, David, and praise the Lord that YOU are the one that I get to travel this road of parenting with.  Thank you for your strength, as well as your encouragement to me as I serve as "Mommy".  Thank you for how you love our son and how you go well beyond the "call of duty"!  Watching (or listening to :) you spend time with John David has become one of the things I treasure most.  May the Lord continue to give you grace to be just what our children need you to be.  I am so proud of you!  There is no one else that I would want to be Daddy to my little ones!  

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John David

Just a little update on our young musician :) . . . 
John David is continuing to attend the preschool program at the University of Alabama this summer.  We had a couple weeks break, but he began class again last week.  He has a few new classmates, a new individual supervisor, as well as a new graduate student that is working with him.  Coming back to school after the break has been a little difficult; and the new faces have not made it any easier.  John David has been upset when we initially separate after getting to school, but thankfully, he stops crying after a few minutes.  (I get to observe through a window where John David cannot see me.) He really does enjoy school though, and I can tell that he is glad to be back with his friends/classmates.  Please continue to pray for John David, as the Lord molds and shapes him into the young man that He has designed him to be.  And please pray for David and I, for wisdom to know how to best parent and shepherd his little heart.  I am so thankful for the truth of James 1:5, that when we lack wisdom, God gives it to us.  We pray for a generous helping! 

Gracious Lord, may You pour out Your peace upon John David like cool, refreshing water in his moments of anxiety.  Please help him to know and understand, even now, that You are always with him.  Be his confidence, his strength, and his security.  Amen.  

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Bells

Kameron is engaged!  My younger brother, Kameron, asked Miss Olivia Klein of Decatur, Alabama to be his bride this past Friday evening.  And she said "yes!"  We are all thrilled to have Olivia join our family.  Even though she is a student at Auburn University, we love her! :)
She is a perfect match for Kameron, and their relationship has already proven to be a beautiful picture of Christ's pursuit of us, His bride.  

Kameron will be a senior at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky this next fall, and Olivia will be completing her senior year at Auburn.  They plan to marry next May, after graduation, adding just one more May anniversary to our family.  (Besides David and I, my parents, as well as my older brother and his wife, were married in May.)  

We love you, Kameron and Olivia, and could not be more excited for you two!  Olivia, welcome to the family . . . OFFICIALLY! :)  (Oh, and your bling is beautiful!  Good job, Kambo!)      
The future Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kameron Pugh!

In the Merry Month of May

Since we are already half way through June, I thought it best to go ahead and post some of our family highlights from the month of May.  I already posted about both of my boys having birthdays this month - David having his 29th and John David his 2nd!  Also, I made mention of Dave and I celebrating our 4 year anniversary.  We were able to take a special overnight stay at a Bed and Breakfast in North Alabama; pictures are posted below.  This month also included a fun trip to Kentucky.  David pastored New Hope Baptist Church in Mooresville, KY - about an hour outside of Louisville - while he completed his degree at Southern Seminary.  He was invited to preach at New Hope's Homecoming service on May 24th.  It was so delightful getting to visit with our former church family and see sweet, familiar faces that we miss so much. 

On the way to KY, we decided to stop at Star Bucks to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom, and let our driver to get some coffee.  During the break, I had fun snapping a few photos of my boys.      

John David was pointing out his "excited face" - although his REALLY
excited face is in the picture above with his Daddy.

There are some really unique attractions in the countryside of 
KY where we used to reside.  One is the famous "Donkey Tree".
We learned of this as soon as we moved to Mooresville. 
I hope you can see the image of the donkey; 
I guess God allowed the tree to grow this way simply 
for our (and His) enjoyment.

This is the sweet Blair family (minus their 2 older sons)
who so graciously hosted us during our stay. 
We love you guys and were so grateful for your warm hospitality and fellowship!

John David enjoying the fountain behind the Blair's house;
JD LOVES fountains!

John David and Hannah enjoying the slip-n-slide
(or rather "scoot"-n- slide :)

John David calls this one of his "all wet" pictures!

In front of New Hope Baptist Church after a sweet Homecoming service
and a tasty covered dish luncheon. 

Bro. David and me, his privileged wife

During our time up north (well, north to us!), we were able to visit some of our friends who live in Madison, Indiana.  Mallory and Amy Gabriel just welcomed Miss Amelia Lee into their family a little over a month ago.  We were so excited to meet Amelia and to see their rapidly-growing son, John Mark, who is just a few months younger than John David.  Anytime that we get to spend with the Gabriel family is a delight.  

Mommy Amy and sweet Amelia

The boys enjoying playing together.

While there, we visited downtown Madison (which is very historic and quaint).
The boys enjoyed looking at some cars - both old and new - that were 
on display that day. 
(I know that you can't see John Mark's face, 
but can you see his beautiful red curls in the back?!)

Below are some pictures from our anniversary trip.  We stayed at "The Secret" Bed and Breakfast in Leesburg, AL, (just north of Gadsden), in the lowlands of Lookout Mountain.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and the scenery was simply lovely!  

Our personal cottage, the "Sugar Shack" :)

The view from our back porch

Another beautiful sight

David and the cowboy next door 

21 weeks
(at this point, we didn't know there was a little girl in there!)

May I have another, please?! ;)

I love this man!

Our motto is "Honeymoon for Life!" 
May it ever be . . . 

 . . . . And then us just being silly!

David . . . not sure how many weeks he is here :)

And me, a little over 23 weeks
 (my, how I've grown since!) 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giving Thanks

I am so excited about being "aunt" to another precious Pugh child!  My brother K.J., his wife Lynn, and daughter Ella are starting to get ready for the arrival of little James Harrison in early October.  I can't wait to meet my brother's son; it's amazing how much you love your sibling's kiddos!  
We are so thankful for your little life, baby James, and are anticipating all that the Lord chooses to do through it.  What a blessing you already are to our family!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Few Party Pics

John David's birthday was this past Sunday, but we celebrated as a family on Saturday afternoon.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins came to our home in honor of our 2 year old little man!  

John David LOVES music, specifically guitars, so we thought it fitting to celebrate with a guitar cake, which he enjoyed talking about for probably a month before his party. David grilled out for us and we began the party with some outside activities.  We had a great time of food and fellowship and were so thrilled to celebrate 2 years of John David Kizziah, Junior!       

John David and Big Daddy

Sharing the swing with the girls; 
JoJo and Silas observing the fun!

Sweet Ella and her daring side emerging

 Silas doing a little walking at the party - how fast they grow!

"My T" (which John David has called my mom for some time now)
helping the big kids with bubbles

Nice, Abigail!

Uncle K.J. and Chef Dave :) 

Our guitar/music themed party

The Guitar Cake
My cousin Dabney helped me pull this off.  Thanks, Dabs!

Yummy cupcakes

....Yes we do! We love John David! How about you?!?!

Enjoying some long-awaited "guitar cake"! 

John David was thrilled to receive a big Nemo from Uncle Kameron and Olivia;
since going to Disney World, this has been a favorite of his. 

Ella looking on as John David anticipates what's inside!

David and I had a great time enjoying our son!

Pap and JoJo (David's dad and mom) gave John David a 
REAL ukulele.  Of course, John David calls it a guitar, but 
real guitars don't come that small.  The ukulele was a perfect fit!
Thanks, JoJo and Pap!

After party, after bath, after bedtime snack, and enjoying being TWO!
Thanks to My T & Big Daddy, John David was enjoying some new 
"Bruce the Shark" shades!  What a cool dude!