Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John David

Just a little update on our young musician :) . . . 
John David is continuing to attend the preschool program at the University of Alabama this summer.  We had a couple weeks break, but he began class again last week.  He has a few new classmates, a new individual supervisor, as well as a new graduate student that is working with him.  Coming back to school after the break has been a little difficult; and the new faces have not made it any easier.  John David has been upset when we initially separate after getting to school, but thankfully, he stops crying after a few minutes.  (I get to observe through a window where John David cannot see me.) He really does enjoy school though, and I can tell that he is glad to be back with his friends/classmates.  Please continue to pray for John David, as the Lord molds and shapes him into the young man that He has designed him to be.  And please pray for David and I, for wisdom to know how to best parent and shepherd his little heart.  I am so thankful for the truth of James 1:5, that when we lack wisdom, God gives it to us.  We pray for a generous helping! 

Gracious Lord, may You pour out Your peace upon John David like cool, refreshing water in his moments of anxiety.  Please help him to know and understand, even now, that You are always with him.  Be his confidence, his strength, and his security.  Amen.  

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