Sunday, June 21, 2009


My Daddy and me 
(and my older brother, K.J., looking on)

I LOVE my Daddy!  All of my life, he has been the most wonderful Dad that any little girl could ever dream of!  I am so thankful to be able to say that; what a gift of sweet grace from the hand of our Heavenly Father.  My dad has always lavished me with such tender love and affirmation; I never felt the need to seek it any place else.  My dad has been in ministry all of my life, serving as a pastor for the majority of it.  Growing up in his home, he took time to spend with me each day and always made me feel so special.  He would take me on special "dates" or simply carve out time in his day for what we called "LT watching AG" (I would sit in his lap ("LT" meant "lap time") and watch an episode or two of Andy Griffith ("AG")).  And when his schedule was full, he was still so intentional to give of his time to me.  (Even if it meant taking me along with him. I remember many nights playing "secretary" in the church office while he studied or prepared his sermons.) I have always been so content with his kind affection and our relationship has been such a source of security for me all my life.  I have told him that David Kizziah is the only man I would have left him for! :)
Thank you, Daddy, for showing me a picture of what the love of our Heavenly Father looks like; so unconditional, so beautiful.  Thank you for loving Mom the way that you do, and for letting the boys and I know how much you adore her.  Thank you for being so committed to our Lord; observing you each day growing up was like looking at a living picture of what it meant to be a disciple of Christ.  Thank you for modeling discipline for us; your commitment to God's Word and hiding It in your heart has always served as a challenge for me to do the same.  I could go on and on; words are not adequate.  I love you and am so proud to be your daughter! 
And thank you for what a WONDERFUL granddaddy you are!  It has been such a joy to watch you be "Big Daddy" to John David these past two years.  I can't wait for our little girl to get to know you too!  I'm glad we are having a girl.  I told David that I want him to be loved the way that I love my Daddy!  You are the best!  

Of course, I must mention that the Lord has also blessed me with two priceless grandfather's and a great father-in-law, all whom I love dearly.  I wish I had time to write about each one. 
But I will take a moment to write about my sweet husband . . . the father of my children.  
It hasn't surprised me, but David has proven to be the most wonderful daddy to our John David these past two years.  This is actually David's 3rd year to be able to celebrate this special day. . . John David was born 2 weeks before Father's Day 2007.  I am amazed each day at the love and energy and wisdom that pours forth from my husband as he "Daddy's" our son.  I can't wait to see him with a little girl!  I love you, David, and praise the Lord that YOU are the one that I get to travel this road of parenting with.  Thank you for your strength, as well as your encouragement to me as I serve as "Mommy".  Thank you for how you love our son and how you go well beyond the "call of duty"!  Watching (or listening to :) you spend time with John David has become one of the things I treasure most.  May the Lord continue to give you grace to be just what our children need you to be.  I am so proud of you!  There is no one else that I would want to be Daddy to my little ones!  


MaggieMae said...

Katie your post was absolutely beautiful; you write so eloquently! Every single one of your posts puts a huge smile on my face :) Really! I hope you are having a wonderful time at the beach!!! I hate so bad that you can't come Friday, but that is O.K.!! We will have to make it a point to see each other another time! Fine with me :) Hope to see you real soon!

agb said...

Oh Katie!!! I am so glad my mom shared with me your blog site! Now I can read all about your life! I miss you so much and am so happy the Lord is blessing your life so much! I love you!! - Amy