Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the Merry Month of May

Since we are already half way through June, I thought it best to go ahead and post some of our family highlights from the month of May.  I already posted about both of my boys having birthdays this month - David having his 29th and John David his 2nd!  Also, I made mention of Dave and I celebrating our 4 year anniversary.  We were able to take a special overnight stay at a Bed and Breakfast in North Alabama; pictures are posted below.  This month also included a fun trip to Kentucky.  David pastored New Hope Baptist Church in Mooresville, KY - about an hour outside of Louisville - while he completed his degree at Southern Seminary.  He was invited to preach at New Hope's Homecoming service on May 24th.  It was so delightful getting to visit with our former church family and see sweet, familiar faces that we miss so much. 

On the way to KY, we decided to stop at Star Bucks to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom, and let our driver to get some coffee.  During the break, I had fun snapping a few photos of my boys.      

John David was pointing out his "excited face" - although his REALLY
excited face is in the picture above with his Daddy.

There are some really unique attractions in the countryside of 
KY where we used to reside.  One is the famous "Donkey Tree".
We learned of this as soon as we moved to Mooresville. 
I hope you can see the image of the donkey; 
I guess God allowed the tree to grow this way simply 
for our (and His) enjoyment.

This is the sweet Blair family (minus their 2 older sons)
who so graciously hosted us during our stay. 
We love you guys and were so grateful for your warm hospitality and fellowship!

John David enjoying the fountain behind the Blair's house;
JD LOVES fountains!

John David and Hannah enjoying the slip-n-slide
(or rather "scoot"-n- slide :)

John David calls this one of his "all wet" pictures!

In front of New Hope Baptist Church after a sweet Homecoming service
and a tasty covered dish luncheon. 

Bro. David and me, his privileged wife

During our time up north (well, north to us!), we were able to visit some of our friends who live in Madison, Indiana.  Mallory and Amy Gabriel just welcomed Miss Amelia Lee into their family a little over a month ago.  We were so excited to meet Amelia and to see their rapidly-growing son, John Mark, who is just a few months younger than John David.  Anytime that we get to spend with the Gabriel family is a delight.  

Mommy Amy and sweet Amelia

The boys enjoying playing together.

While there, we visited downtown Madison (which is very historic and quaint).
The boys enjoyed looking at some cars - both old and new - that were 
on display that day. 
(I know that you can't see John Mark's face, 
but can you see his beautiful red curls in the back?!)

Below are some pictures from our anniversary trip.  We stayed at "The Secret" Bed and Breakfast in Leesburg, AL, (just north of Gadsden), in the lowlands of Lookout Mountain.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and the scenery was simply lovely!  

Our personal cottage, the "Sugar Shack" :)

The view from our back porch

Another beautiful sight

David and the cowboy next door 

21 weeks
(at this point, we didn't know there was a little girl in there!)

May I have another, please?! ;)

I love this man!

Our motto is "Honeymoon for Life!" 
May it ever be . . . 

 . . . . And then us just being silly!

David . . . not sure how many weeks he is here :)

And me, a little over 23 weeks
 (my, how I've grown since!) 


MaggieMae said...

Absolutely precious Katie! I loooved the Anniversary pictures! That looks like a great place to go...our anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks! And I love your belly too, you look AMAZING, I'm so jealous!!! Love you!

Melanie Campbell said...

wow, you guys had a very busy may! I love the pic of david showing off his "baby bump"! Too funny! :)