Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Bells

Kameron is engaged!  My younger brother, Kameron, asked Miss Olivia Klein of Decatur, Alabama to be his bride this past Friday evening.  And she said "yes!"  We are all thrilled to have Olivia join our family.  Even though she is a student at Auburn University, we love her! :)
She is a perfect match for Kameron, and their relationship has already proven to be a beautiful picture of Christ's pursuit of us, His bride.  

Kameron will be a senior at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky this next fall, and Olivia will be completing her senior year at Auburn.  They plan to marry next May, after graduation, adding just one more May anniversary to our family.  (Besides David and I, my parents, as well as my older brother and his wife, were married in May.)  

We love you, Kameron and Olivia, and could not be more excited for you two!  Olivia, welcome to the family . . . OFFICIALLY! :)  (Oh, and your bling is beautiful!  Good job, Kambo!)      
The future Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kameron Pugh!


Stacy said...

Katie, It is so great to see everyone and how they have grown. I cant believe little Kameron in getting married. Congradulations on having a girl. We have 4 girls and a boy so only 3 more girls to go. I have a new blog for moms so I get wanted to share it with you. Hope it will be a blessing feel free to pass it on.
Love, Stacy Darty from Keystone Heights. Ambers Mom. Tell you parents Walt and I said hello!

Tales of a Peanut said...

What a small world! I was reading through your old posts and saw this picture before I read and thought, "That looks like Olivia Klein!" And then I read the post! I graduated high school with Olivia's older sister Valerie. What a wonderful addition to your family! Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving!