Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said, thankfully, that little Claire was in the right position - "definitely head down" were his words.  Our little John David stood up inside of me during his entire stay in the womb and decided to come feet first.  That's another story for another day.  So I was relieved to hear this.  Despite having a c-section with John David, the doctor gave his approval for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian).  Hopefully things will be more "normal" in the delivery of little Claire.  

In addition to informing me of her position, my doctor said that I had already dilated 1.5 cm and that I was 50% efface. . . in other words, Claire may not wait until the 24th of September to enter the world.  We are excited, but still much to be done!  

Thankfully, John David is really enjoying his "I'm a Big Brother" book that he requests before going to bed.  We are glad that he has been so interested in it.  We are going to try to take him on a little "tour" of the hospital next week; he appreciates as much preparation as you can give him before a new experience.  Maybe this will be helpful for him come delivery day!  

Please be praying for each of us as we prepare for this new transition.  Thankfully, our Sovereign God is wise in His timing and will give grace abundantly to meet all of our needs.         

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Up John David?

Well, John David has been up to a lot lately.  

*Primarily, he has been enjoying his daddy being home from his many travels.  For this, we are all thankful.  John David has had a blast doing all of that fun "daddy/son stuff" again!  

*John David has been having fun at birthday parties.  

A few weeks ago, he attended a party held for two of his friends at Chuck-E-Cheese.  This was a first time visit for him . . . a little over- stimulating, but fun, nonetheless.  He was really intrigued by the overgrown mouse that tends to scare children, and he had a great time putting tokens in the machines.  (Most of the games I had no idea how to really play - thankfully, he didn't care.  We did well enough to earn a decent number of tickets; enough to trade in for a few sheets of stickers!) 

 John David intently watching Chuck-E-Cheese

Enjoying the "helicopter game"

John David also had fun at his cousin Abigail's 5th birthday party, held at Build-A-Bear in the Birmingham Galleria.  This was also a first experience for John David, and - once again - a little too much stimulation.  There were so many kids in the store, so much going on, that he requested that David take him next door to the Disney Store. . . one of his favorites.  This was much more inviting and familiar.  He still got a stuffed animal (a bunny named "Fu Fu") out of the deal, which I happily made for him.  I have always wanted to "build a bear", but never could justify my desire.  This was the perfect time.  I enjoyed myself, and John David was thankful once the party moved out of the busy store and into the dining area where he enjoyed some yummy cupcakes.  He thought it was so funny that all of the kids had icing all over their mouths.  He wanted to be like them too.   

*He has been enjoying more and more instruments.  

He loves the guitar, as you may know - (and those of you who know him well DEFINITELY know this!) - but he has recently enjoyed playing the harmonica and the recorder, as well as pretending like his little guitar is a violin.  We are interested and excited to see what God does with the love for music He has given our son.  

The harmonica 

The rather loud recorder - it makes us smile though!

And pretending to play the violin

* John David started going to a new school.  

Although John David will continue attending the preschool program at the University once classes begin in September, he has begun - at the recommendation of doctors and specialists - attending a new program at North Ridge Christian Preschool (a ministry of Open Door Baptist Church, where my father pastors.)  He will attend two mornings a week, and thankfully my dad's office is right down the hall from John David's classroom.  This past week was his first week, and I camped out with Dad the whole time, having his secretary give us frequent "John David reports."  Let me say, my son did a whole lot better than his mother!  I am very proud of him and believe that this will be a great experience for him as he continues to learn to interact with his peers and mature socially.   
First day of school pic

* And he's been growing, growing, growing.

John David has been going through a growth spurt recently.  Extra long naps, a hearty appetite, and shirts that are too short, shorts that are too tight, and shoes that are too small.  How thankful we are for our growing son and the delight that he is to us.  Every day is more and more fun as we see more of his personality emerging.  What a joy to be the mother of this "fearfully and wonderfully made" little boy.
He looked extra grown up in the picture to me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Little Birthday Boasting

Today, August 6th, is my dad's - as well as my grandmother's - birthday.  I've always thought it cool that my mom's mom and my dad share this day.  So, Happy Birthday Dad & Grammy!  I am so thankful for both of your lives, and I celebrate the two of you with great joy, especially today!

I wanted to take this opportunity - the day of his birth - to talk a little about my dad, Keith Pugh.  He is such a humble man, so I have taken it as one of my duties in life to brag on him.  To me, there is so much to share! 

On Father's Day, I posted briefly about what my dad means to me; there is no way to put all of that in words, but I did make an attempt to articulate my sentiments.  

But today, as we celebrate his birth, I thought this would be a good time to brag on him a little and share some of the accomplishments throughout his life.  

Besides my husband, my dad is the most disciplined man that I know.  Disciplined and loyal.  Both of these traits make for a wonderful and virtuous husband, father, friend, and follower of Christ.  They also make for a great athlete.  My father is an exceptional one.  He is one of those who excels in whatever he commits to, especially in the athletic realm.  He ran a marathon a few years back, simply because it was one of the items on his "Things I want to do one day" list.  He never lost a football game in high school, has Junior Olympic medals in track and field, possess several "Punt, Pass and Kick" trophies, has three SEC football championship rings, and - under Coach "Bear" Bryant - lead the University of Alabama as starting wide receiver to two National Championships . . . he has rings for these as well . . . you get the picture.  I've heard baseball was his best sport, until he messed up his shoulder pitching as a young guy.  Nonetheless, I have put my hands on the baseball from the game in which he pitched a "no hitter."  To this day, he can drain three pointers for hours with the nicest of form!  And men like Tiger Woods need to be thankful that he only gets to play golf a few times a month; otherwise, I have no doubt that he would be at the top of the PGA tour leader boards.

I know he's my dad, but he is very talented indeed!  He is 52 years old today and in great shape.  But of course, those things are only temporary and secondary.  His heart that fears the Lord and loves His Word is what makes him most respectable.  But, you have to admit, his athletic accomplishments throughout the years have earned him a little respect as well. 

I'm so proud of you, Dad.  Happy Birthday!  Love from your biggest fan!  

(Looking at the picture, Dad is on the far right) 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Home David

We are so thankful to have David and the rest of the team home, safe and sound!  David said that the mission trip was wonderful!  However, he said the travel was a nightmare.  Although some members of the team had to take different flights, thankfully everyone is home now.  Praise the Lord for the work that He did in and through our Circlewood team.  

John David has spent the ENTIRE morning with his daddy!  He doesn't want him out of his sight! 
I can't blame him.  My feelings exactly.