Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Up John David?

Well, John David has been up to a lot lately.  

*Primarily, he has been enjoying his daddy being home from his many travels.  For this, we are all thankful.  John David has had a blast doing all of that fun "daddy/son stuff" again!  

*John David has been having fun at birthday parties.  

A few weeks ago, he attended a party held for two of his friends at Chuck-E-Cheese.  This was a first time visit for him . . . a little over- stimulating, but fun, nonetheless.  He was really intrigued by the overgrown mouse that tends to scare children, and he had a great time putting tokens in the machines.  (Most of the games I had no idea how to really play - thankfully, he didn't care.  We did well enough to earn a decent number of tickets; enough to trade in for a few sheets of stickers!) 

 John David intently watching Chuck-E-Cheese

Enjoying the "helicopter game"

John David also had fun at his cousin Abigail's 5th birthday party, held at Build-A-Bear in the Birmingham Galleria.  This was also a first experience for John David, and - once again - a little too much stimulation.  There were so many kids in the store, so much going on, that he requested that David take him next door to the Disney Store. . . one of his favorites.  This was much more inviting and familiar.  He still got a stuffed animal (a bunny named "Fu Fu") out of the deal, which I happily made for him.  I have always wanted to "build a bear", but never could justify my desire.  This was the perfect time.  I enjoyed myself, and John David was thankful once the party moved out of the busy store and into the dining area where he enjoyed some yummy cupcakes.  He thought it was so funny that all of the kids had icing all over their mouths.  He wanted to be like them too.   

*He has been enjoying more and more instruments.  

He loves the guitar, as you may know - (and those of you who know him well DEFINITELY know this!) - but he has recently enjoyed playing the harmonica and the recorder, as well as pretending like his little guitar is a violin.  We are interested and excited to see what God does with the love for music He has given our son.  

The harmonica 

The rather loud recorder - it makes us smile though!

And pretending to play the violin

* John David started going to a new school.  

Although John David will continue attending the preschool program at the University once classes begin in September, he has begun - at the recommendation of doctors and specialists - attending a new program at North Ridge Christian Preschool (a ministry of Open Door Baptist Church, where my father pastors.)  He will attend two mornings a week, and thankfully my dad's office is right down the hall from John David's classroom.  This past week was his first week, and I camped out with Dad the whole time, having his secretary give us frequent "John David reports."  Let me say, my son did a whole lot better than his mother!  I am very proud of him and believe that this will be a great experience for him as he continues to learn to interact with his peers and mature socially.   
First day of school pic

* And he's been growing, growing, growing.

John David has been going through a growth spurt recently.  Extra long naps, a hearty appetite, and shirts that are too short, shorts that are too tight, and shoes that are too small.  How thankful we are for our growing son and the delight that he is to us.  Every day is more and more fun as we see more of his personality emerging.  What a joy to be the mother of this "fearfully and wonderfully made" little boy.
He looked extra grown up in the picture to me.


Melanie Campbell said...

Looks like John David has been busy! I'm glad he did well at his new school - I know that must have been hard for you, but it's such a blessing that he's adjusting well to it! He has grown so much since you first came back to Circlewood - I can't believe what a big boy he is now! :)

Joy said...

Katie, My name is Joyce and I was at FPO with you last Fall. Your little one looks so handsome. I have really enjoyed seeing how our Father has cared for you. Could you please email me @ joy4asia at gmail dot com. I was wanting to ask you something and I don't have your email. :) Blessings, Joyce

David said...

Thanks for the update, Katie. God has blessed your little boy with awesome parents.

Erin said...

Hey Katie!!! I can't believe how big John David is getting!! So precious :) And I can't wait to meet sweet Claire :) I know she will be just as beautiful as her family! Yes, our trip to see Granny and Pop is memories I will cherish forever! I am SO thankful Griffin is able to enjoy them now. It was priceless to watch Pop rolling in the floor with him :)
Hope you are feeling good and would love to see you guys sometime!!
Give the boys a hug for me!
Love you!!!!

MaggieMae said...

You have the most GORGEOUS little boy I have ever seen! He indeed is "wonderfully made"!! :) I want to see your belly before you have this baby!!! Miss you! :)

The Rigoloso's said...

Sweet Katie!
I enjoyed our visit today! It was good for my soul! You have a precious family already and I can't wait to meet sweet baby Claire! Love you! Molly

Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Hey Katie! Thanks for your sweet comments. I can't believe Claire is so close to being here! I've loved all your pictures of John David on the blog. He is too cute. We love you guys!