Monday, May 31, 2010


Though I am not going to try to memorize it - (I really do want to be committed to this week of Scripture memory review!) - I did want to make special note of today's VERSE OF THE DAY :   

"Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the LORD. Do I not fill heaven and earth?"

Jeremiah 23:24 (ESV)

Thank you, Lord, that we can never escape from Your presence!
May this truth affect the way we live each and every moment.

Celebrating 3 Years of John David

As I reflect on this day three years ago, my heart is filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude.  So much has happened in our lives since May 31, 2007.  The day that precious John David entered our lives, of course, things have never been the same.  I praise the Lord!  

John David's life thus far has been a picture of mercy and grace.  I pray that the Lord will continue to lavish these gifts upon our son all of the days of his life.  Despite all that I would love to share in this post, I thought I would limit it to a few pictures.  

We were so thankful to welcome John David into the world.

John David's 1st Birthday

Birthday #2

John David is 3!

 (I will try to post more pictures from his birthday weekend soon.)

We love you, John David, and we praise the Lord for your life! 

Thank you, dear Lord, for our precious son.  Thank you that you have a beautiful, perfect plan for his life.  Thank you that You will finish the good work that You have already begun in John David's heart.  We entrust him to You each day.  Please give David and I wisdom and grace to be good stewards of our son during our time on this earth as his parents.  May You be glorified in and through the life John David Kizziah, Junior.   
In the Name of Jesus,

Scripture Memory Monday: Review

There has been much going on lately in the life of our family.  Each day it seems has been filled with activity; it's all been so good, but life has most definitely been busy!  Through it all, I have not been as devoted to Scripture memory as I have wished.  Therefore, I am going to take this week to review the verses up to this point.  If you are indeed following along and would like a quick way to review, you can click on the "Scripture Memory Monday" Label found at the very bottom of the post, and it will pull up all of these posts thus far.     

May we indeed hide God's Word in our hearts, that we may not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).  And I pray that this will be my priority, no matter how busy I am!   

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Photo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I must mention today my thankfulness in regard to my children.  It has been so fun to see their relationship really starting to blossom.  Claire has loved John David from the very beginning it seems, and John David is learning daily how to better love and care for his sister.  

Claire gets so excited when John David comes into the room or interacts her.  John David has been showing her more affection and is enjoying finding ways that make her laugh.  It truly is a precious thing.  I am so grateful to get to witness the sweet moments they have shared together lately.

Thank you, Lord.   

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : Kameron & Olivia's Wedding

You may be thinking, "Enough with the alliteration!"  Well, sorry; when it comes to titles, I often can't help it.  But many times there are things that I would like post about - especially since I desire this blog to serve as somewhat of a "scrapbook" of family happenings - but then I never get around to making those posts.  Though I will probably not be posting something of this sort every Wednesday,  I thought it would provide an opportunity to post about things I felt important, no matter how long ago they occurred!

We don't have to rewind far - just to this past weekend - for this first Wednesday post.  I wanted to share a little about my younger brother's wedding.  It was wonderful.    

Friday, May 21

I must start by saying 
to my older brother, K.J., and his precious wife, Lynn. 
K.J. and Lynn celebrated 6 years of marriage 
on the same day that Kameron and Olivia were married.
Here is the lovely couple on their anniversary eve.

The wedding weekend was a wonderful time of celebrating what the Lord has done in bringing Kameron and Olivia together, as well as reconnecting with precious family.  

We are blessed.   

Grammy, Claire and me at the bridesmaid's luncheon on Friday.

Claire bonding with her great-grandparents at the wedding rehearsal on Friday evening. 
Daddy Jim, Grammy (my Mom's parents), Pop, Granny (my Dad's parents) & Claire

The rehearsal dinner was a beautiful time of celebrating Kameron and Olivia
through sharing what they have meant to us, as well as watching a video of pictures throughout their lives thus far. 

Sharing my thoughts through a poem.
There was so much that I wanted to say, writing it down helped me to not ramble, 
as well as hold it together emotionally.  I was afraid I was going to be a blabbering mess! 

Below are a few rare photos of just my husband and I together.
 Several "prom poses," as we like to say. :)

Saturday, May 22

We were so excited that Kam's wedding day had arrived!
I couldn't believe my little brother was really getting married.

Me and the handsome Groom

Hugging my almost official "little sister" :) 

The bride was BEAUTIFUL!

Claire with her Pop, waving and waiting.

We had all gathered at the church early for pictures.
Here are John David and Claire getting some nourishment before the main event!

Pop assisting Claire with her snack.

Waiting to get dressed to avoid messing up our clothes. :)

The kids were so good and patient. 
The dvd player helped. 

My sweet little girl.
I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid
and enjoyed wearing the lovely (and comfy) dress Olivia chose for us.

My boys.
David, a groomsman, looked so handsome in his tux.
John David was attempting his famous "Grumpy" face, 
but he failed as his smile was trying to break through. :) 

And attempt at an "extended family" picture.
Amidst the chaos, somehow the bride and groom were able to block all of us out. :) 

John David was such a trooper - very patient and cooperative - during the photo sessions.
I was so proud of both of my little ones.

The original Keith Pugh family, plus spouses :)
K.J., Lynn, Mom, Kam, Olivia, Dad, me & David

The reception

Further joy as we reunited with more of our extended family.
My sweet cousin Erin, who is expecting another baby, and her precious son, Griffin.

My cousin's wife, Cassie, holding baby Claire, and my Aunt Janice patiently waiting her turn.

 Granny with Claire and Ella, her two great-granddaughters.

Grammy assisting Ella at the yummy chocolate fountain.

Sweet Ella

David and me with my Daddy Jim.

Aunt Stephanie blowing bubbles for the kids 
as we waited for Kameron and Olivia to make their celebrated departure.

We thought we'd take advantage of having people available to take our picture
while others watched our kids. :)

"Miss Melanie" ~ a gift to our family.
We brought her along to help with the children for the weekend.
I have no clue what we would have done without her!
(She also took the majority of these pictures.)
Thank you, Melanie, for EVERYTHING!

Older brother serving the younger, carrying the luggage to the getaway car!

Pointing to our cousin, Mary Kate, 
who let it be known that she wanted to catch the bouquet!

The toss.
Good one, Olivia!

Celebrating the catch!
It was actually cousin Hillary who caught it.  
Way to go, Hill!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Kameron Pugh,
 parading through the sea of bubbles!  

I love this one of the lovely, twirling bride!

Excited to be leaving together...and married!

A famous Kameron "look", no doubt.
I love it!

John David wasn't too excited though.
He wanted Uncle Kam and Aunt Olivia to stay with him. :)

Waving farewell.

And they're off!
The beginning of life together as husband and wife.

Kameron and Olivia ~ We celebrate with you!  You're wedding day was simply beautiful.  Thank you for making your ceremony so honoring to the Lord and for desiring it to be a time of worship for all.  It was indeed. 
We love you and are so thankful that you BOTH belong to us!