Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am SO THANKFUL that my husband is home!  The Lord did much in David's heart, and I know that he was used by God in significant ways.  He loved his time reuniting with the Bowman family, as well as old Zambian friends.  The time with the other three guys on the team, for the most part, was bonding and encouraging, especially getting to see one other use their specific gifts in sharing the love and the Gospel of Christ.  A couple of the guys mentioned how beautiful it was to get a glimpse of the global Church . . . that the Body of Christ is not just made up of American faces.  

David has recovered well from his many travels.  Though he is taking a nap in the chair right now, he has not suffered much from jet lag.  Thankfully. 

Though I am so grateful he is home, thank you, Lord, for allowing David to return to Zambia, a country that is so dear to his heart.  Thank you for using him, encouraging him, and allowing him to witness a small glimmer of the work that You have accomplished there since he was last there.  To You be all the glory.        

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