Saturday, May 1, 2010

Target Times Three

Tonight (well, yesterday night now...yikes!) I completed only my third attempt to go grocery shopping with both of my children in tow. (All three attempts have been at Target :)  

The first attempt was a success.  We made a triumphant, unforeseen trip to the bathroom (way to go, John David!), we offered the cashier an only partially eaten coupon, bar code still in tact (thanks, Claire!), and we left with way too few bags for the amount of money I spent (alright Katie, you've got to get on board with this coupon thing!)  David said after successfully completing a shopping trip with two kids, I no longer was in the rookie league but had made the "All-Star Mom" team.  Thanks, Dave; impressing you is all that matters! :)   

The second attempt was totally unsuccessful.  I mean, we didn't even make it in the store.  I accomplished getting Claire into the buggy; that's about all.  John David had an uncharacteristic "accident" that caught me by surprise, and Claire all of the sudden realized she was very tired, which I also wasn't expecting; poor planning on my part.  I made note that before our next attempt we would have nap time and a potty time completed prior to heading out the door.  There's something else I would like to share about this trip - another post for another day.  

Tonight, proved "third time's the charm!"  It was great!  I was relaxed; none of that "get in, get out" feeling.  I enjoyed myself and my children, AND my children enjoyed each other (a rare occurrence these days for John David.  John David has not so much been enjoying the noises and squeals of his now often chattery little sister.  This has definitely been heavy on my heart the past couple of days, for I so desire for my children to love one another's company.  I know it's just a phase, though.  Or maybe it's because John David has been sick, cooped up in the house with two women and no daddy time...Nonetheless, the Lord is using this to teach us all.)  But the kids were so good tonight that we even took extensive time looking at books and movies AND traveling the "scrapbooking" isle (like I have time for that right now!) I couldn't have asked them to be more delightful.  John David was pleasant and talkative, even singing "I'm in the Lord's Army" as we strolled along. . . I never thought that I'd have to ask him to quiet his singing while in a public place.  (We celebrate the bold words!)  This really made me smile.  And Claire hardly made a peep; smiling when she needed to be friendly and cooing every once in a while to make a little chit chat as I faced her pushing the buggy.  She did let out a little cry at the very end, however.  Thankfully, the items had been purchased and we were headed out the door.  

Well, a few things added to the enjoyment of this particular outing.  My favorite cereal had the "New Look, Same Great Taste" label on it; there was a change of font, which I much prefer compared to the former :) My favorite granola bars were on sale.  Orbit gum came out with a new flavor - Lime Melon - that, after purchasing and sampling, realized may be a new "favorite" as well.  I bought colored fingernail polish (Pink Promenade Creme), something I haven't done in a while.  I did this in honor of my husband's homecoming (though I know he will notice, it will not make a difference to him.  I've come to realize this applies to much of what we do as women to make ourselves feel "pretty"; though they love us, our men could care less. :)  Last but not least, I got John David a pair of red Elmo socks that were in the $1 section (gotta love it!)  Realizing he will probably only wear them around the house, I thought they would be fun.  He agreed.  They seemed to put a little spring in his step...quite literally!  

After a long, tiresome, emotional day and greatly missing my husband, thank you, Lord, for the blessing of a pleasant evening out with my children . . . where everyone was happy.  I indeed saw this as a gift.  I don't overlook your kindness, and I thank you for your daily graces and this wave of refreshment.  You are good.    


Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, so glad to hear this trip was a success! And so very glad to hear that John David was able to have such a good time with his sister! :)

Joshua, Amy, Caleb, Abby, Anna & Luke said...

Sounds great! Don't give up trying new outing with your kids in tow... they will get it :) You make me homesick for Target!! :)
My hubby and Anna just got home this afternoon after just 5 days and boy are we so glad to be all together again! Thanks for letting David come, it was so fun to have them :) Just wish you could have joined him! Love ya!