Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Growing Girl

Claire's 8th Month

The above two pictures are taken from today ~ May 24, 2010
Happy 8 Months, Baby Claire!

Below are a few pictures taken from this past month.
She loves to chew on my camera lens cap.  
Maybe not such a good idea.  Oh well. :)

While in her jumperoo, she often looks like a little jumping ballerina.

We had to start making sure she was buckled in while sitting in her seat.

Like her brother did, Claire enjoys watching her baby dvds.

I didn't get to post this in a timely manner, so here it is . . . 
Claire's 7th Month

 April 24, 2010
  7 months old

And here are more pictures taken throughout her 7th month.

She started waving.
Here she is waving at some children on the TV.

This month she began sitting up so well unsupported.

Claire's first time to drink from a sippy cup.

When you are the second child, 
sometimes you get stuck using your older brother's bibs!
I don't think it affected her femininity. :)

And since I'm backtracking, I wanted to include this one too.
March 24, 2010
6 month birthday


Melanie Campbell said...

Happy 8 Months, Claire! I love you! :) She is so beautiful! I love that headband she's wearing in one of the pics! How have I not seen this before?!

Lacey said...

PRECIOUS!!!...Can't believe she is already 8 months!

Lynn said...

It's so fun having babies at the same time. I identified with so many of your pictures. We now have to buckle James in, too, if we sit him in the seat, and he has been forced to wear a bib that says, "Priss Pot" on a couple of occasions. :)