Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother : A Gracious Gift

The day is almost done, children are asleep, bottles are washed, my eyes are heavy; yet I could not let this Mother's Day pass without taking a moment to honor my mother; a mother who has been my closest friend for as long as I can remember - a true kindred spirit.

In addition, I must mention that am also so grateful to have two precious grandmothers and a wonderful mother-in-law who love me unconditionally and who exemplify so many beautiful characteristics of godliness.  I praise the Lord for these dear women in my life.

But in regard to my own mother, the time on the clock and the tiredness overwhelming me do not allow me to type the thousands and thousands of words that I would like to at this moment.  And for many things that I would like to express, words are not adequate, and at times, they simply do not exist.  

My mother is an amazing woman.  I am so blessed to be her daughter and count it the greatest privilege to have grown up in her home.  Her tender care, her godly discipline, and her most abundant, unconditional love was nothing short of God's unmerited grace to my brothers and me.  Her love for my dad is overwhelming.  Her godly submission and respect for him is a beautiful thing to observe and has been the biggest aid to me in my own marriage. Thank you, Mom.

My mother is quick to turn everyday moments into unforgettable memories, and is eager to lavish affection on her loved ones.  I am unbelievably blessed with scores of precious moments marked in my heart and mind thanks to her intentional efforts, her creativity, and her amazing ability to make every moment a teachable one AND centered on the Lord.  Thank you, Mom.

My mother has a gift of teaching and counseling that compares to none that I know.  Yes, she is my mom and I am a bit biased, but I know that many would agree.  The Lord has undoubtedly gifted her in these areas, and He blesses her obedience as she puts these gifts to use.  She is a faithful teacher of God's Word and seeks out opportunities to pour into others with a desire help them become all that God would have them to be.  Thank you, Mom.

My mother loves hard and unselfishly.  She is constantly looking for ways to give and serve and assist others.  She never fails to give of her time and her energy to meet the needs of others, even if she is running low on both.  Mom has struggled for YEARS with severe migraines, but that has not stopped her from giving of her entire self to everyone around her.  Thank you, Mom.      

My fingers have already typed more than I thought they could at the moment.  I must draw this to a close, but as I said, there is so much more that I could say.  

Mom, you are a precious gift to me, and I owe you my life!  Thank you for ALL that you have invested in me; your love, your time, your energy, your resources, your prayers, your tears . . .  As I said, words are simply not enough.  Yet at this moment, THANK YOU will have to suffice.  Just know that behind those words, there are millions of pounds of gratitude, scores of humility, and a ton of joy!  I love you, Sweet T, and I'm so thankful you are "My T."     

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teresa pugh said...

Oh my darling child, what I didn't learn from grammy, I learned from you and your brothers concerning motherhood. What great children and teachers you all have been to me. Thank you for your words (and I do know you and I have millions between us...can't wait for Claire to join in), but thank you more for how just the look in your eyes always communicates your love for us. You are the best daughter on earth and I treasure the privilege of being your mom. You are my surprise from God that keep giving every day. Grace upon grace. I love you too much for words.