Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This was the first summer that John David officially participated in Vacation Bible School.  To say the least, he LOVED it!  His favorite part was going to "big church" for the opening celebration each morning.  The two-year-old class did not attend this part of the day, but I knew that John David would enjoy it.  (You know how he loves music and microphones, etc.) I took him to the sanctuary each morning before taking him to join his classmates.  He still had his preschool program at the University on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but we were able to be at the opening part of VBS before heading to school.  He spent Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings in his VBS class (and I stayed to help out) and thoroughly enjoyed his new teachers and friends!        

Tuesday excited to get to go back to Bible School!
(and holding a of his favorite books :)

The back of this year's VBS t-shirt...
The Boomerang Express was the theme; 
"It all comes back to Jesus"

John David enjoying the opening celebration, 
microphone in hand, of course!

All week long "Kangaroo" was a part of Bible School, and 
John David could not wait to see him each morning.
When we were putting him to sleep one night that week, he asked if he could see the kangaroo.  I told him that the kangaroo had to go to sleep and so did he, and that he 
could see him in the morning. 
The next morning when John David woke up, he said 
"I'm awake!" followed by "Kangaroo's awake!"  
Although at one point in his life John David was leery of toddlers, 
surprisingly he has always loved such things as this big animal.
Characters like him have never been on his 
 list of dislikes . . . 

John David and his new friend, 
waiting patiently for water games 

Nothing like a refreshing popsicle on a hot Alabama day

Snack time!
No doubt John David enjoyed having treats 
that he usually doesn't get at home :) 

On stage with microphone in hand; 
contrary to what one might believe, this is one of my 
"prone to be shy and quiet" child's favorite places to be!
Saying "good-bye" to Kangaroo at the end of the week.

Sunday night at Circlewood Baptist Church; 
the kids all wore their orange VBS shirts and 
performed the songs they had learned during the past week.
This was John David's first real public performance on stage.
He did great - we were very proud of him!  

A special thanks to Mrs. Virginia Thomas, as well as the other teachers in John David's class, that made it such a fun week for him!  Oh, and as far as the kangaroo goes . . . we were getting ready to go to church this morning, and John David asked if we would see the kangaroo. (Surprisingly, he hasn't talked of him much since VBS has been over.)  I told him that he was from Australia and had to go back home.  Maybe LifeWay can work a kangaroo into next year's theme . . . John David may not think it right otherwise. :)   


Melanie Campbell said...

I'm so glad that he enjoyed Bible School! Next year he'll be in our class! It's "Saddle Ridge Ranch", so it will western-themed. I have no idea what the mascot will be. Maybe a kangaroo in cowboy boots?! ;)

Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

Those pictures are so cute Katie! Thanks for sharing about your precious little boy!