Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach Retreat '09

John David and I accompanied David and our youth group on this year's beach retreat to Laguna Beach in Panama City, FL.  I was privileged to serve as a small group leader during the week and greatly enjoyed my time with our students, as well as time with those from other churches.  (We went with three other church groups from Tuscaloosa.) Of course, taking John David along, it wasn't like I had a lot of "hang-out time", but it was good getting to be around our youth (as well as our adult chaperones and college leaders) for a concentrated week.  I was so proud of John David and how well he did on the trip. He loves the beach, but the pool was definitely his favorite.  He and David went swimming each day during the hour or so that I met with my small group.  Here are a few pictures from their fun together.      

Our good friend, Shane Parker, was the pastor for the week.  He did a fabulous job . . . from what I was able to hear.  John David and I usually had to leave the services each night before before the preaching began - bed time!  But David and others said Shane was great and the Lord was magnified!

David and the 3 other T-town youth pastors: Jon, Colby & Troy.
They were about to serve as the judges for the competition 
Laguna Beach Idol
Each small group had to come up with a skit, rap, dance, etc. and
performed it on the last night.  I missed this but heard it was hilarious!

Group photo on the last day, everyone is in their retreat t-shirt
(LOST was the theme, inspired by the TV series)

And John David . . . 

enjoying his Bruce the Shark sunglasses!

What a fun week at the beach!


Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...


What fun times. I love your updates.

BTW, I went to high school with Troy! His wife, Tamara, and my sister are still good friends. Please tell them hello for me.

Miss you guys.

Joel Kizziah said...

I want a T-shirt.

Hillary said...

I have all the skits on dvd so you can see them as soon soon hopefully