Friday, July 31, 2009

A Word from John David

"Mommy told me Daddy flew on a plane,
Across the world, all the way to Ukraine!

I'm glad he's telling people about Jesus,
About God's love and how He can free us.

But I'll be glad when he's home,
I'm not going to lie - 
Without my Dad, I don't know how I'd survive! 

Our video games, Mom doesn't know how to play.
She can't swing me high; her belly gets in the way!

Mom can't climb with me on the playground or slide down the slide;
There have been no tunnels under the covers, no bean bag rides.

There's been no "Superfly" or "shark attacks" . . . 
(Oh man, when will Daddy be back?!?!)

Mommy tries to be fun, it's just not the same 
Painting pictures, reading, or playing match games. 

You know, sometimes a boy just needs "guy time"; 
At least I have granddads and uncles near by!

But with Dad - all the fun things we do - 
There is just nothing to compare it to!

For all of those things, I will have to be patient.
Until Tuesday?!  Well, I GUESS I can make it!" 

(To give her credit, Mom's not all THAT boring!) 

We both miss you, David!


The Parkers said...

I so enjoy reading your words. You truly are a gifted writer and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if God has a writing ministry of some sort in store for you. Praying for David and you guys while he's away. PS - LOVED the funny photo!!! Miss you guys so much and talking with you the other night just made me miss you even more!

Melanie Campbell said...

I just have to know what these bean bag rides are!?! :)

MaggieMae said...

Katie you are so beautiful :)