Monday, July 13, 2009

From Baby to Big Boy

As I sit typing now, John David is lying fast asleep in his BIG BOY bed.  We made the transition from his crib to his big bed a little over a week ago in preparation for the coming of his little sister.  I have been amazed at how easily John David has transitioned and how well he has adapted to not only a new bed, but to an entirely different room.  He now excitedly refers to the nursery as "Claire's room" and is seeming to enjoy his "new room."  

However, I think that John David has made the transition much better than I have.  Taking his name off of the wall in the nursery was something that I had to work up to.  After several failed attempts that only caused me to leave his former room with tears in my eyes, I finally did remove the canvas my dear cousin painted for him that beautifully spelled out his name, as well as the meaning of it.  Removing a canvas from the wall sounds like a simple task, but what completing the task meant held a lot of weight for this emotional mother.  It meant that the nursery was no longer his room, nor did he need it to be.  He has turned into such a big boy, who no longer needs a crib, or a rocking chair (although I hope rocking will always find its place somewhere in our daily routine); I guess his continued need for the changing table helps me a little.  (Our pediatrician highly recommended waiting until AFTER the baby comes to start that process, in case he were to regress with all of the transition of a new sibling.  We'll keep you posted on that!)  Also, taking down the framed pictures of John David when he was first born, his tiny feet, and his sweet, swaddled newborn frame, was quite difficult.  So many precious memories and images rushed through my heart and mind.  But I knew that I didn't want John David to be confused about his room swap . . . with his name and pictures on the wall, I thought it may be a little puzzling to him.  That - and only that - is what finally convinced me to remove these objects at this point and time - objects that I didn't realize were so tightly tied to such sensitive heart strings.  

In the process of all of these emotions, I wanted to write a little something for my son.

It seems like only yesterday you were so very small . . . 
my newborn little boy; how I imagined all 
that life with you would hold - 
the joys and tears the same. 
No way could I have imagined 
all that truly came.
The first two years of your little life, 
only God knew what would be;
but His love and grace have covered you, 
proving an answered prayer for me.
Our Sovereign God knows what will be and foreknew that which has been,
and all we know is as long as you live, you shall be lent to Him.

Now as you have moved from your crib into your big boy bed, 
I pray that as you sleep each night, thoughts of Christ will fill your head.
And may He draw your heart to Himself and pursue you even now.
This is my prayer for you, my son, and on my knees I bow
and thank God for all that He is making you to be. 
I count it a privilege, it's my joy and smile, 
to enter year number three
of your life - John David, junior -  
Oh, I want you to know
how proud I am of you as I watch you learn and grow.
Each time I hear you call my name and share what's on your mind, 
my heart melts inside of me - oh, how the Lord is kind
to give me the role of being your mom, to love and nurture you, 
to share in your journey on this earth, until our lives are through. 

John David, you will be a big brother soon, an excellent one, I'm sure.
I know your sister will be proud of you, as you will be of her. 
And although, Lord willing, she will come to us in just a little while, 
know that you'll always be my eldest son, my precious first-born child. 

I love you, John David!



Bethany Vaughn said...

What a precious poem. I am wiping away the tears.

Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, you have me in tears! I always enjoy reading the poems you so beautifully write! John David is so blessed to have such a wonderful mother! Let me know if you need anything while David is out of town!
~ Melanie

Anonymous said...

OH MY, Katie! Praise the Lord for your gift with words! I'm crying, too, now. Thanks for sharing it with us.

The Parkers said...

Ok... Too much for this post partum Mama to be reading!!! I was on the brink of tears the whole way through this and probably would have been blubbering if not for the fact that I was reading this aloud to Shane and was afraid he'd poke fun at me :) So sweet and precious! It's sweet and wonderful yet so very hard to watch our little ones growing up. It goes way too fast!!! Congratulations John David on your big boy bed and room!!!

nichla said...

you are such a woman of God Ms. Katie.
the love that you have for your son will stay with
him forever! I so miss seeing you and I pray that God continues to bless your sweet sweet family! Love you!