Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the Road Again

We are SO THANKFUL to have David home . . . not for long though. This coming Monday he will be leaving the country, heading to the Ukraine on a mission trip with 14 other church members from Circlewood. This group is made up of people of all ages, which makes me really excited. For many, this will be a first-time experience serving the Lord outside of this country. I know it will be life-changing. Circlewood partners with a Ukrainian church, and our team is going to help serve this congregation and their community. Besides that, I'm not sure of any specific details of the trip.

Please be praying for David as he serves as team leader, that God will grant him wisdom and discernment throughout their trip, especially as he "manages" all of the details, which you know can be overwhelming, especially with a group this size.

Please pray for the rest of the team, that all will be healthy and safe. May the Lord do a mighty work in each of their hearts and lives as they set aside this time to serve and share the love of Christ.

Please pray this upcoming week as well, that the Gospel will penetrate the Ukraine and that many will come to taste and see the goodness of our Sovereign God! May our Circlewood team be an encouragement to the body of believers in our sister church. May God be glorified!

Please pray for John David and I back home. That, once again, we will survive without Daddy; preferably with no injuries this time.

Thank you to you all who prayed for David while he was gone to South Carolina. (or "South Caroline" as John David said - "Caroline" is the name of one of his teachers at school :) David said that the trip was great and that the Lord did a lot of work in the hearts of our students and chaperones. They also worked hard doing different mission projects, which David said were really a blessing to the SC community. Praise the Lord!

John David is SO glad to have his Daddy home!
They took this picture on our computer while being silly.
(Dave is growing his beard . . . he says it will give him a little more
"missionary credibility" in the Ukraine. Maybe so.)


Kenny and Jana said...

Love the "missionary credibility"! Ha! Will be praying for David and the other C-wood folks as they travel!!

Hillary said...

There's no rush to get those DVD's back, in fact I have some others if you want to borrow them. I dont have kids after all, so until John David gets tired of them, enjoy! Yes, we'll have to hang out when I get back, and yes watching the skits is a must! I love you guys and am praying for ya'll while David is away!

Bethany Vaughn said...

Happy Birthday yesterday!!! I hope you had a wonderful 25th!

Marlene said...

Hi Katie,
I've thouroughly enjoyed catching up on what's been going on in y'alls life for the last few months. I'm not at ILC anymore, I've moved back to Texas to be near family and will start a nanny job very soon...lots of changes, not sure what the Lord's doing exactly(you know how that feels, don't you)BUT I do know that He is in complete control! JD is growing so much and still SO CUTE. Can't wait to see pics of Claire Elizabeth! Love all of you and still praying for all of you!