Friday, July 31, 2009

Ukraine Update

I was able to talk to David yesterday via Skype.  He said that things are going pretty well with he and the team.  David has had a little trouble sleeping due to the time difference - not sure about the others - a few suitcases did not arrive and some reservations were lost.  He did ask for specific prayer for the health of a few of the "older" team members.  Overall, though, he said things are good.  They are greatly enjoying their time with the Ukrainian people and the church that they are serving with.  Thank you to those who are praying for all of these guys.  Please continue.

In addition, on Monday, two team members - Nancy and John Faile - had to quickly get off the plane in Atlanta before their flight to New York after receiving news that Nancy's mother had passed away.  This was definitely unexpected.  Thankfully the plane had not left yet, and they were able to return home in a timely manner.  Please be in prayer for Nancy and the rest of her family.   

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Chad & Amber said...

Sweet Katie,

Thinking of you and John David and praying for David and his team as they are away. Thank you, Lord for His faithfulness to serve and Katies faithfulness to support him from the home front. :-)

Love you friend.

Claire's package is on its way!