Saturday, February 21, 2009


Much has happened since I last wrote.  My days have been filled with nausea and tiredness.  I am so grateful that the doctor prescribed some medicine to combat the nausea that I was able to start yesterday.  Oh, Praise the Lord is has been SO HELPFUL!  Now that I know about this medicine, we may actually have more than two children!   I was convinced one day last week that I could not imagine being pregnant again and going through this a third time.  I know I sound like a wimp!  Women have done this for centuries, having dozens of kids.  Many of them have to be hospitalized or...think of other cultures...some women do all the work - killing chickens and carrying big pots of water on their heads, all while carrying a baby inside. They do not get a break, prescription medicines, or fast food.  I was this sick with John David for the first trimester, but because I had no child nor job, I was able to lay on the couch all day. Being sick this time around has been much more difficult, for I now have many more responsibilities than before.  (No 10 hours of sleep each night and two-to-three naps a day this time!) However, I cannot complain - my child is so easy and my husband is so caring and John David's grandparents are all in town...I am not having to do this on my own!  I have ample amount of help, for which I am so grateful!  So, I have nothing to complain about!
But, I did want you to know why I haven't updated in a while...for unlike Crimson Cafe's Chicken Salad Melt and Rold Gold's Honey Mustard Pretzel Twists, sitting at the computer and typing has not been on my "appealing" list the past three weeks.  But, now, Zofran is here!  (I highly recommend this to anyone experiencing nausea for any reason!) 

Enough about me.  Here are some more recent pictures of John David.  Like most children, he has his favorite books.  Below he is reading one of them (Guess How Much I Love You) to his stuffed giraffe, just like we read to him before he goes to sleep.  I thought this was a precious moment.  

This picture was taken of John David his first day of attending his new preschool, which is going wonderfully well.  He is doing great, and his teachers are fantastic.  John David really enjoys his teachers, as well as his two classmates.  I have enjoyed getting to know the other mothers too.  Last week, we had a "play date" with the other children outside of class.  I am so thankful that the Lord provided this opportunity for John David.  In the picture, John David is saying "one more" ... I told him, "just one more picture", and I think he was making sure that I knew what I had said :)   


Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

Oh, Katie! Praise GOD for Zofran!!!! I am so glad you have gotten access to that wonderful medication. We continue to pray for you guys and baby #2.

Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, I'm so glad that the medicine is helping! I can't imagnie how you must feel, but I do feel for you! If you ever need any help from me let me know! :)