Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Family Vacation, Part 1

I decided to make the post about our recent vacation in two parts.  We spent the majority of our time at beautiful Lake Santa Fe, where my mom's parents live.  It is our family's favorite vacation spot . . . so peaceful, so relaxing, and oh, so many sweet memories!  

Now that David is serving as youth pastor, summers are going to be really busy for him.  He is taking our students on several retreats and a mission trip; he is also leading a church-wide mission trip to the Ukraine at the end of the summer.  We realized a few weeks ago that we more than likely would not be able to take any kind of family vacation this summer.  So during the week that our students had spring break, we headed down to Florida to spend time at my grandparents house.  We also traveled down to Orlando where we spent the day at Disney World, thanks to some kind friends who work there.  Part 2 of this Vacation post will have some pictures from our most wonderful day at Disney! 

A windy day on the lake . . . 

My sweet Grammy and Daddy Jim

John David loves music, and he loves to watch our music minister
at church directing the congregation and choir.  So, if he sees anything
that slightly resembles a music stand (like this plaque in Grammy's
flower bed), if possible, he likes to stop and "direct the choir" himself.

John David was a big helper when it came to picking up grapefruit.  
Grammy & DJ have a grapefruit, an orange, and a tangerine tree
in their back yard...the most delicious citrus you will ever taste!
  I have never had grapefruit that are so sweet . . . 

Thankfully, we came home with 5 bags full!  
Kizziah baby's tend to crave citrus :)
(Unlike John David, this one has caused a lot of salty cravings too...
maybe it's a little female in there!)

I had to include this picture to show my husband's 
mad basketball skills.  Good one, babe!
Countless games of "HORSE" and "Around the World"
have taken place here. 


Bethany Vaughn said...

Katie, I just went through about ten or fifteen backgrounds trying them out on my blog because I am tired of my old one. I finally picked one and got all of the colors just like I wanted them and I saw that you had a new post so I clicked on your blog. I picked the same one as you! Great minds think alike! I wish that we could have been here at the lake together!

Melanie Campbell said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had a fun vacation! I'm sure it was fun to get away as a family, especially since this summer will be so busy and you will be getting ready for the baby's arrival! I love the picture of John David directing music, he is just so cute! :)

~ Melanie