Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Post on Zambian cuisine

 Many have asked us, "what is the food like over there in Zambia?". Well, the short answer is (and this is David typing) "It is WONDERFUL!!"

  Most Zambians do not feel like they have properly eaten if the meal has not involved some ingestion of nshima (en-she-ma). That is the white, grit-like stuff you see in the upper right. This is made from boiling maize meal (maize is like white, unsweet corn for those who are unfamiliar), and stirring with the strength of a "world's strongest man contestant" until the meal reaches a thick consistency. 

 Once the desired consistency is achieved the happy eaters take some of the nshima in their hands and proceed to make a little "nshima ball". (You can always identify rookie nshima eaters by the 2nd degree burns on their fingers....the stuff is hot!). Once the ball is made the eater then dips it into one of the other dishes (often referred to as the relish). Once ball and relish have been combined all the eater has to do is .... well, eat.... and enjoy! 

 To Katie's dismay the picture is quite accurate. There are, usually, no beverages (even sorry Kate) served with the food. Only once the meal is over is drinking water offered. I mean come on, you don't want to fill up on water when there is only limited space in your tummy for the yummy nshima!!


Hannah Attaway said...
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Hannah Attaway said...

I'm glad you guys will be a step ahead of us in this process, for our sake. Cooking and eating foreign food is the most nerve-wracking part of this adventure that God has called us to, second only to putting my precious, little girls in daycare for ten weeks. (I just know that Ella will start walking while I'm in a lecture!:)

Steve and Rita Schwarz said...


I am glad you have this Blog up and running. We have continued to follow the rest of the NET's blogs and saw recently that a new family was coming to Mporokoso. I wondered if that was you guys. We are still pushing forward on the medical front. Our hope and prayer is for medical approval for Rita in October/Novenmer, committee in November or January and FPO in April 2009. That would put us in Zambia July 2009. It seems so far away but we have definitely learned to trust in God's timing. Things are going really well for us in SC from a ministry standpoint. I need to give you a call soon to catch up. You can follow our journey at If you get a chance before I do, drop us a line at 864-576-8774. You can also call me at work toll free at 800-845-7551 xt 4095. Take care, my brother and we hope to see you soon on the other side of the pond.


Smith Family said...

We are glad to see you have posted on your blog. We are praying for you guys and hope all is well. Keith and Taylor are officially Alabama fans so they will keep you updated. Hope everything goes as planned for Dec. 18th. Love and prayers. Keith,Donna, and Taylor

Leslie said...

Wow, that's interesting! I love learning about different cultures.

It's such a privilege to know you guys and be able to pray for you. I hope you're having a blessed time in Alaska!!