Sunday, October 5, 2008 favorite

I love is definitely my favorite season. David, John David and I have been enjoying some of these cooler days (or not-SO-hot days for us Alabama folks) outdoors - in our backyard, as well as at some local parks. I thought I'd share a few pictures from these fun-filled random order.

The look of concentration...

....and other classic JD, jr. expressions

A good game of chase
How great is this?!

Happiness is...John David outside with a golf ball in his hand (preferably plastic)
Our handsome son
I love my athletic men! :)
Swinging smiles ... short-lived though - I think John David
has his mother's motion sickness - sorry babe!
John David with his favorite thing - he
even holds this blue ball in his lap while
in the car...oh the contentment when
the big blue ball is near! (Thanks Burrages!)

John David looks so grown up to me in this picture - he
really has turned into such a big baby anymore, Mom!

We have been so thankful to my parents to allow us to live in the downstairs of their home for these 5 months - my, how they've flown! We have been here ~ in Tuscaloosa, AL ~ since May 18th. What a blessing to be near family (VERY near to Big Daddy and Sweet T), and David's parents are just down the road in Brookwood. We have kept quite busy with traveling, visiting other family across Alabama and Florida. Dave's been preaching and speaking at various churches/events, along with some on-the-side grass cutting. Should I mention, a few days at Disney World - second honeymoon for Dave and I! Oh, and how John David has grown! Before we came to Alabama, he wasn't even crawling yet! He began "army crawling" when we first got here (traditional crawling came later...uh, way later!) and celebrated his first birthday May 31st. He began walking a week after his birthday and has been running ever since. His vocabulary is expanding: "mom", "dada", "ball" (of course), "bible", "duck", and more... and he is impressing us with his ever-increasing intelligence! (Maybe we are just biased :) Despite mixed emotions, we are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives, which begins October 17th, the day we leave for Richmond, VA. We will spend 2 months at the International Mission Board's International Learning Center for our Field Personnel Orientation (or as it's referred to by "insiders" ... the IMB's ILC for FPO... so many abbreviations!) Please be praying for us as we prepare for the transition. More to come as these things take place! Until then, we will be making the most of time with our family...and enjoying Fall.


Dek said...
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Suzie Rodgers said...

Katie and David,
Your son is just precious! I can not wait to get a hold of those jaws! You are going to have a tough time disciplining him with those beautiful blue eyes. Can't wait to see you guys on this side of the world.

Steve and Rita Schwarz said...

David, do we have an updated email address. I am sending our phone number to you via the seminary email address. I didn't want to post the number here.

Rita Schwarz

erin said...

OH MY GOODNESS KATIE!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea y'all had a blog! I was looking on a friends (Josh and Kristen Sims) and saw a Kizziah Kolumn. I thought, there is NO WAY this is Katie, but I want to see who else has the last name Kizziah! :) And as soon as I opened and saw your picture, I couldn't believe it! Anyway, you will have to check out our blog ! We are telling our story of all that has happened with Griffin!
WE LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julianne butler said...

You have a beautiful family! I like reading about what you've been up to :) Love you!


Kendall and Joy Helgren said...

Hi Kizziah Family!
We have not officially met...but I have heard amazing things about you both and we are excited that you are joining our family here in Zambia! I had a wonderful time lookin at the blog! We are praying for you guys and will see you in January!!!
Joy Helgren
Kendall, Joy, Lily, Easton, and Lauren in Nyimba, Zambia

Bethany Vaughn said...

Aww. . . I can just see sweet John David and Sterling playing in the park when y'all get back. Sterling will be a little older than John David and well I'm sure John David will be reading by then (in both Bimban and English of course). And they will love being cousins and being little boys together. They will be about the same age difference as KJ and Jamie (and how sweet were they together!) And maybe both of them will have little sisters (at least on the way) ;)

Smith Family said...

I loved the pics of John David. He is so so cute. I love fall too so I am glad you are enjoying it with you family. We are praying for you all as you prepare for your training. Give John David a hug and kiss from us.
Always in our prayers.
Keith, Donna, and Taylor

Danielle said...

Katie!! Rachel J. gave me your blog address. It's so great to see pictures of your precious little man! I'm so excited to read about your adventures & what the Lord is doing with you!

~Danielle (Teague) Sullivan

M Hamilton said...

David and Katie,
It was so good to hear from you. Megan and I really loved the pictures, especially the ones of John David. I was trying to keep up with you, but was using the wrong blog. I was glad to get the email which gave me the correct blog. Remember that God loves you and will take care of you in everything you do and that He will richly bless you.