Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amazed again

Today we were pulling out of the Target parking lot, and I said, "Do you see the STOP sign, John David?" to which he replied, "Octagon" (not perfectly, but unmistakably :).  He has always loved STOP signs...I think because it is a shape, a bright color, AND it has big capital letters on it. Three of his favorites :)  


April Hollingsworth said...

Don't you just love that stuff? Raine loves circles and hearts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so much fun! Language development is fascinating!

Chance said...

Hello Katie Pugh Kizziah!

Wow! I just came across this blog, and I've learned so much about you guys in the past 20 minutes... It looks like you have one awesome little boy in John David, I think Big Daddy and Sweet T are the coolest names for grandparents I've ever heard (especially Sweet T), and it seems you've turned into one fantastic Mommy. I just wanted to say hey, and I hope the Kizziah family (and the Pugh family) are doing well and loving life in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Roll Tide,

Lauren Pugh said...

Hi Katie and David! This is Aunt Susan. Somehow we got out of the loop, and had no idea about baby #2 until we all got an email from Eric writing to the mission team at church updating them on all the missionaries ~ and there it was! We (all us girls) called him and jumped his case for telling the church before he told us!! But we're so happy for you. And I just knew John David would blossom at the right time :)
We all love you all!
Aunt Susan