Monday, January 12, 2009

Holiday Happenings

A good deal of time has passed since we last posted anything on our blog.  Therefore, we will take several posts to fill you in on all that has taken place during the elapsed time. Because our last post was a few days before Christmas, we will start there.  We ended up not moving the day before Christmas Eve - praise the Lord! :) - and we waited until that following Monday. It's funny how moving ranks close to the top on my "last thing I'd want to do today" list, but when it actually comes time for moving day, I always seem to be pretty pumped about it.  I guess it is a simplistic picture of how God gives you the grace for circumstances when you are walking through them; He doesn't give you grace for your imaginations. Envisioning moving is always dreadful to me; but the actual event on the Monday after Christmas was not bad at all.  We were so grateful to have such wonderful help!  Thanks to all of you guys that lent us your muscle and brains. . .the truck was efficiently loaded with great strategy.  I and the china cabinet were grateful.

Some of my favorite memories from holidays past are special times with my cousins.  I am so thankful for my family and all of those sweet memories.  I am also so thankful that John David has such great cousins to begin making special memories with.  Here are some pictures from the holidays. 

Abigail insisted that I take her picture while making this face. :) 

Doesn't a slice of bread just taste better when you eat it with someone you love?!

Easy-goin' Silas...what a cutie!

Ella and John David show different uses for a golf club...
.... a trumpet (and more to come, I'm sure)

You better watch out!  They both got...

car keys, 

golf clubs, 

and cell phones.

At least they'll be getting in trouble together! 
(Just kidding - we've got the most precious children
in our family!)

Christmas morning with Daddy.

I love this picture ~

  because it's proof that you can save money on Christmas presents, 
pass out a few paper towel rolls, and have just as much fun (if not more!) 

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