Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Precious Children

Oh, how little time there is to update a blog these days!  There is so much that I want to post; so many pictures and updates, but even now, there is no time for all of that.  So, I decided to put a few pictures of my precious children that were taken recently, on Claire's first Sunday going to church. 

my little girl

she's growing so fast

sweet feet

singing and playing his heart out!

my big boy

I hope to be able to post more before TOO long!


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Marissa said...

They are absolutely beautiful! I know you are loving every second of it. I'm so sorry I haven't come by to visit yet. The new job has been busy, but now I am at Three Bears, right next door practically. Hope to come see you one day soon! :) Marissa

David and Katie Kizziah said...

Thanks, Jen! :)

And Marissa ~ no worries, my friend! Our schedules have been crazy too. We will see each other soon! Thanks for your comment. :)