Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Photo


The Rigoloso's said...

Dear Katie,
So thankful to hear of the Lord's provisions for your sweet family. I know His plan will prove perfect from the big details all the way down to the little. Praying for you & yours during this transition.
love to you,
ps claire is adorable as always... love her big red bow!

jessica said...

She is beautiful!

Melanie Campbell said...

Beautiful! I miss that girl so much! :)

Katie said...

Thanks so much, ladies!!

Your little one is beautiful too, Jessica - even though he's a boy!

Melanie, that girl misses you! I showed her a picture of you the other day, and she smiled so big! :)

Molly, I so greatly appreciate your prayers for us and your encouragement. Love back to you, my friend.