Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I am so thankful for my extended family.

And the Lord has been so gracious
to continue to add to our number.

We are thrilled to introduce the beautiful
 Lowery Elizabeth Downs 

She was born this morning
to my sweet cousin Erin, husband Drew, and big brother Griffin.
Griffin already loves his baby sister so much.

We were so thankful that sweet Lowery waited to come until she did.
Erin battled high blood pressure with both of her pregnancies;
but little Griffin wasn't as patient as his sister.

To read about Griffin and his miracle story,
click on the titles below:

In addition, 
my cousin Bethany, who's expecting a baby in March, 
found out today that we'll be adding another
to the family!!

We're so thankful for baby Ann Elizabeth and are anticipating her upcoming arrival.

This is Ann Elizabeth's big brother, Sterling.
And you can only imagine what a doll she'll be.

You can see more pictures and posts from Bethany on her blog HERE.

And now, for my own little lady.

I have been overwhelmed lately with how quickly she is growing.

Now 13 months old, 
Claire is quite charming

 and so much fun.

As she was recently hugging and kissing her dolls and stuffed animals,
I sat watching her with great joy. 

And then I was quickly overwhelmed 
with the weightiness of the reality that 
I am her MOTHER.

What a responsibility.

What a privilege.

Oh, how I pray for wisdom as David and I attempt to teach and shepherd 
her fragile (and, yes, sinful) little heart.

Thank you, Father, for baby Claire.
She is sunshine to my day;

and just as "bright and radiant" as her name suggests. 


Falyn & Joyanne said...

Katie, beautiful as always, I was wondering what kind of camera do you use for your pics.
Just curious.
Congrats on all the babies, I heart babies!

Lynn said...

It IS so exciting to have all these new babies on the way. What precious girls we have. They really are growing so quickly. :( Let's try to hold on to these moments!!

Katie said...

Falyn ~ Thanks so much for the kind words and congratulatory remarks :)
I use a Nikon D40. It was a mother's day, anniversary, birthday . . . (you get the picture!) gift! :)

And yes, dear Lynn, I agree. :)

The Shamblin Family said...

Claire has the cutesy, sweetest smile!