Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Importance of Your Prayers

Things are going well for us at our orientation in Virginia.  Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf.   We are so grateful for faithful intercessors and can clearly see God’s ever faithful, kind, sovereign hand at work in our family.  Please do not cease praying for us.  The Lord is doing a number of things in our hearts and lives to prepare us for what He has in store for our family overseas.  I am learning more and more about the importance of daily, intense and specific intercession on behalf of others, especially those who are taking the Gospel to people who have never heard, where our enemy does not want The Truth to go.  We know that we face great opposition, but our God is infinitely Greater.  Of course our family is not “taking God” to the Bemba people; God is already at work there, as He is all over the world.  The nations belong to Him.  We just pray the He will allow our hearts to burn with the same passion as His…to see all nations worship before Him.  We are so grateful to be able to be a small part of what God is already doing in Zambia.  We are also so thankful to have you play such a special role in what He is doing in our lives and in the lives of the those whom we will be serving.  


teresa pugh said...

Oh my loved ones...How sweet to hear your words and see your pictures. It is like sitting down at Granny's table at thanksgiving and coming away so full. My heart feasts and overflows with joy at those He has placed around you to love on you and care for you as well as for you to pour out His love on them and you haven't even left for the mission field yet... you are just with the mission family. :) Grace upon grace. Kiss my grandson for Big Daddy and his T. We love you more than life.

David and Katie Kizziah said...

Thanks, T! We love you dearly! Can't wait to see you!

Steve and Rita Schwarz said...

Hi David, it sounds and looks like you are all doing well in Richmond. I have been trying to reach you but the cell phone number I have may not be valid anymore. Your voice comes on but after leaving over 10 messages, I'm guessing that you are not getting them. Please let me know how to get in touch with you guys. I would love to catch up before you head to Zambia. We are progressing in the application process but still not certain yet. You can call (864-576-8774) or email ( Please send us a phone number and I will give you a ring. Take care and know that your family is in our prayers.
Steve and Rita