Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunshine and Dandelions

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather the past few days.   The cold temporarily left us and we are enjoying delightful weather with refreshing breezes, sunshine, and even short sleeves.  We were taking our time walking back to our “quad” yesterday, when an elderly man asked, “Where is your camera?”  He was right ~ a wonderful opportunity for some pictures!  I hurried to get the camera and met back up with the boys.  John David still loves the outdoors, and has recently discovered the joy of playing in the rocks, as well as picking dandelions.  We have a bed of rocks beside our quad, as well as rocks and dandelions along the sidewalks.  He stops as often as possible to pick up either of these new found favorites and often brings them to me.  He brought me a rock the other day, and I was reminded of my younger brother, Kameron.  My mother still has a container filled with rocks that Kameron brought to her as a young boy…rocks instead of flowers.  My heart melted at the first rock that I received.  However, it wasn’t long until John David did start bringing me dandelions.  He brought me a bouquet of them last night.  Greatly denying my sentimental desires, I knew that keeping this most thoughtful bouquet would not aid in the decluttering of our lives.  Therefore, I decided to take a picture so that I would never forget this precious gesture of my little boy.  Thank you, John David.

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