Thursday, November 27, 2008


John David, 
You were a surprise to us, no doubt;
but I can't even try to figure out
what life would be like without you here.
I'd rather not. I'll spare the tears
and ponder instead, this Thanksgiving Day,
all the joy that you've brought our way.
There are tears as I think on this -
but hardly those of any sadness -
but rather these tears are tears of joy
that God gave us YOU as our little boy.
I would not trade you for all others in the world - 
I would not even trade you for a little girl!
I cannot even begin to describe
all of the joy that I feel inside
when you wake each morning and I come to you
and look into your eyes of blue 
and see the joy on your own face
as I pick you up to embrace
and kiss your warm, soft, precious cheek
and imagine how our day will be 
filled with new memories and fun. . . 
Oh, I count my blessings one by one!
And this I do on Thanksgiving Day,
though we are very far away 
from family and loved ones dear,
I give thanks that you and your daddy are near.
And as long as God wills us on this earth to be
I'll make it may aim to try to see
His hand of providence and grace 
as I intently seek His smiling face
in whatever circumstances come our way, 
I'll pray for grace to trust each day.
And in those that we now face,
God is pouring out his grace 
and is holding us in a place of rest
as we lean upon His providence.
John David, your Daddy and I want to be
good stewards of our little boy, you see,
for one day you will grow up tall 
and we desire for you to be all 
that God made you to be from the start.
We pray that He will capture your heart
and grow you into a godly man,
to fear His name and trust His hand.
So, as your parents, we are thankful
for all you are and all you'll be for
we know God has great plans in store.
We pray for grace to see each door
that His hand closes and those He opens wide; 
we pray that in His presence we will abide
and walk intimately with Him.
In His hands we place you once again
and ask Him to have His will
as we watch and wait and are still,
knowing that He is sovereign God
and wherever He wills, our feet will trod.  
We want to do what's best for you 
and trust God's hand to see us through
whatever our next steps may be,
we will watch expectantly,
knowing that God is in control - 
may we rejoice and His name extol. 
So on this Thanksgiving Day
we will thank God for His sufficient grace
and for giving us the gift of YOU
and the assurance that He will see you through
and make you into who He wants you to be
as He quiets our hearts, as He whispers "Trust Me." 

I'm so privileged to be YOUR mother.  I love you.


Robyn said...

Beautiful, Katie. Thanks for a great reminder of how precious our children are!

Leslie said...

John David will treasure those lines one day.

Thanks for sharing that on your blog -- you blessed me!

Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

Katie- I cried all through this poem. It was very moving (and I'm also very emotional and pregnant!). I left a message on your cell tonight. Love you guys!

teresa pugh said...

Only you could pen your heart in such a way that we could see into your soul. Thank you for helping all of us walk through this by seeing His eternal plan is far bigger than our eyes can see. We are looking forward to all of God we will see through his eyes and precious little heart.