Monday, May 18, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting

Is it a  
 BOY or GIRL ???
This Thursday we go to the doctor to find out the gender of baby #2!  We will be heading out of town for the weekend not long after the appointment, but we will try to post the results of the ultrasound as soon as we can.  I'm Excited!! 


Anonymous said...

How exciting!

Chad & Amber said...

Hey Sweet Friend,
I have been enjoying your blog and can't wait to hear about baby #2!

Love you bunches!

erin said...

Hey sweet Katie!! (and boys :) I can't WAIT to hear what sweet little Kizziah is!!! Do you have names picked out? Or is that a surprise?? :)

I've been praying for you! Granny has been keeping me up to date on you. I dropped my phone in a pot of water and left it for 20 minutes!! (that was while I was trying to get a screaming, teething baby to sleep!) and needless to say, I lost all of my phone numbers. I've wanted to call you several times and check on you! Anyway, send me your number and maybe one day we can chat :)
I love you girl!!! Can't wait to hear :)

MaggieMae said...

I can't wait to hear Katie!!! Love you!!!

Bethany Vaughn said...

Congrts on the ... I'll let you say! Call me when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Sooo.....what are you having?! :)