Sunday, May 17, 2009

April in Review

I wish that I had posted this in a timely manner, but April was Autism Awareness Month.  This is something that we need to always be aware of, however, and not just in April.  There was a walk to raise awareness and support for autism held at Central High School's track (David's alma mater:), here in Tuscaloosa.  Statistics show that 1 out of every 150 children is affected by autism spectrum disorder; this is too many to brush aside.  May you join our family as we are daily learning what autism is all about.  Praise the Lord that John David is doing so well. But we know that God has let us have a foot into the world of autism for a reason.  Please join us in praying that we will be faithful to shine the Light and Hope of Christ as we are now continually around many families who are looking for answers.       

~ Dave, John David & my Dad ~
You say "competition" or "there's a trophy involved"
and the men in my family are determined to win!
(They came in 4th, after a few high schoolers who ran
the 2 miles!) 

Our nephew Silas (David's brother's youngest child) celebrated his first birthday at the beginning of April.  I had to include a few pictures from his party, for it may have been the best 1st b-day show I've yet to see!  Just when you think it couldn't get messier . . .
John David still talks about how "Silas was soooo messy" and how "he had to take a bath!" 

John David and cousin Abigail (Silas' older sister) 
after hunting Easter eggs.

Praise the Lord that we serve a RISEN SAVIOR!  HE IS RISEN INDEED!  Without the resurrection of Christ, we would be hopeless.  But, thanks be to God, that death - the "last enemy" - was abolished in the resurrection of His Beloved Son! (1 Cor. 15:26-28)

This year we celebrated this day at our church and then headed over to Mom and Dad's for lunch with family, sweet fellowship, and another Easter egg hunt - this time with cousin Ella (my brother K.J.'s oldest child).  John David and Ella are 9 months apart, almost to the day.  We consider that close in age.  However, K.J. and his wife Lynn are expecting their second child about 2 1/2 weeks after our baby is due!  Now THAT'S CLOSE! :)  

Well, kinda.  A precious woman in our church has so graciously chosen John David to be the recipient of toys (and books, etc.) that her grandson outgrows.  We are so appreciative to this kind woman, for John David has some fun things now that we may never would/could buy him.  This motorcycle was one of the BIG things that she has passed our way.  John David really enjoys it, although at times he prefers just to sit on it instead of ride.   

Amber Darty Rollins has been a friend of mine ever since I was a little girl.  I often refer to her as my "vacation friend," for I would always try and see her while visiting my grandparents in Florida.  She attended my grandparents church, where I initially met her and came to love her. 
She and her husband, who have struggled for a few years now with infertility, are in the process of making the adoption of baby James (the beautiful curly top on the right) official.  I wish that I had time to share their story with you here, but I don't have time now nor the words to do it justice; Amber so beautiful articulates it - maybe I can soon link you to her blog.  Well, their story is one that will overwhelm your heart and cause you to sing praises to our Great, Kind Sovereign God!  I am so thankful that Amber has kept in touch with me through the years and took time to come to my grandparent's house to visit us while we were there on vacation. It is so encouraging to be around fellow believers who never cease to praise our Father, no matter what is dealt to them.  Amber and her husband Chad are a beautiful testimony of God's grace.  Amber, you and your sweet family are loved and prayed for!  

My parents headed down to my grandparent's lake house - where my boys and I spent our family vacation - about 2 weeks after we got home.  The week my parents were going to be gone was going to be such a busy one for David; he was even ending the week with one of those dreaded (at least in my book!) lock-ins!  (The youth love them, though, and David did a great job putting on this sleepless event.) SO, John David and I decided to sneak away with Mom & Dad and have a few more relaxing days at Grammy and Daddy Jim's lake house.  Of course, it was wonderful and John David had a blast with grand & great-grandparents!  On the way down to Florida, we stopped for an overnight stay at my Dad's parent's house.  So, we got to see both sets of my grandparents in one week, which is definitely a blessing that I did not think we would have at this time in our lives.  For so long I thought we would be in Africa right now; although we know that could still be a future possibility, I am so grateful for this time with family. 
"Driving" is one of John David's favorite things to do!

My little musician; playing the guitar...

and singing in the "microphone" that my mom fixed for him 
(it was really the handle of a light off of my grandparents' organ -
good creativity Mom!) 

Enjoying a relaxing boat ride

Driving the boat with Big Daddy 

and some good fishin'!

April - a month full of fun! 


MaggieMae said...

What a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL family! John David is so precious :)!!!!

Bethany Vaughn said...

I just saw a picture of Sterling that reminds me of John David! I guess it is the face he is making. Sweet cousins!