Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Passion Week: Tuesday

Tuesday (Mark 11:27-13:37)
This day finds Jesus busy in the Temple and surrounding areas teaching.  Reading this section of even Mark’s gospel (the shortest account) leaves the reader with the impression that what we have recorded is surely the cliff notes, and Jesus must have literally taught all day. Among the many themes that Jesus expounds on are:

·      (11:27-33) The authority of Jesus is the authority of God. This is what Jesus is trying to get his opponents to publically admit as they try to trap Him. Brilliantly Jesus, in true wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove fashion, turns the tables on his enemies and is honored by the crowd

·      (12:1-12) God will judge those who reject His kindness. This is what the parable of the tenants teaches. The vine owner is God and the tenants are the religious leaders of Israel. They have spurned God’s kindness and God will eventually spurn them.

·      (12:13-17) We owe our governmental leaders obedience and respect; we owe God EVERYTHING!  We see this as Jesus is again being placed in a verbal trap. He is asked, “Is it right to pax taxes to a pagan, vile ruler?” Jesus answer is classic and probably hardly needed of repeated for all who would read this. He asks for a coin and asks whose image is on it. The response is Caesar. Then He says, “render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God, the things that are God’s.” Well Caesar has his image on the coin, so give it to him. Where then is God’s image? On our very beings….. so let us give our beings to Him!

·      (12: 18-27) The eternal state will prove to be the substance of what all our lives in this world was just the echo of. This is clear as Jesus refutes the ignorance of the Sadducees who doubted life after the grave. All things in this life are just pointers to a greater reality found in fellowship with the Triune God (even marriage). That was something for the Sadducees that had not even come on their radar (Maybe that is why the were so Sad – u – see…. Sorry, I could not resist)

·      (12: 28-34) Loving God and loving people is really all we need to worry about!

·      (12: 35-37) Though Jesus is a descendant of David, He is greater than David.

·      (12: 38-44) How much we give is really not that significant, but how much we SACRIFICE is!

·      (13:1-37) Jesus is coming back!

So, as I am eating breakfast this morning I want all of this truth to permeate my mind. Above all of that I want to focus today on the truth that:

Jesus is My Great Teacher! He is my Rabbi and I am His life long pupil!

[Okay, it's Katie here.  I had to add a little to David's post reminding you to scroll down to "Jesus' Final Week" posted Monday in case you missed David's writing for Sunday and Monday.  Don't want you to miss anything he has been writing.  Alright, David.  Thanks again.  Back to you!]


teresa pugh said...

Oh to have been there and heard him speak His Word. My heart burns within me as a long for the day when will not just read His Word but see The Word of God and Hear His Voice inviting us into an eternity of worship and joy. Thanks David.

Katie said...