Monday, March 22, 2010

Scripture Memory Monday

My mouth has been filled with a lot of things the past week, namely cough drops, cold medicine, and hot tea.  However, everyday our mouths are filled with many things: food and drink, laughter, words of love, statements of frustration . . . at times we may find our selves simply clinching our mouths because words would just not be appropriate at the moment.  But the verse I chose to meditate on this week hits the nail of the head regarding what should be coming in and out of my mouth as a child of God.  Psalm 71:8 is my prayer.  Oh, may it be so!

"Let my mouth be filled with Your praise
and with Your glory all the day."
Psalm 71:8 (NKJV)  

ESV here.


Melanie Campbell said...

Katie - this is definitely a verse I need to know! I will add this to my other verse for the week.

Love the new header on the blog! Hope you are all feeling better! :)

Lots of love!

Katie said...

Thanks, Melanie. We are doing better, but still not 100%. Claire is still definitely not herself. She is still so sweet though.

I agree, that is definitely why I chose this one. Thanks for the kind words about the header - it doesn't really fit the space; not sure if I will leave it like it is, but thought I'd try it out.

Love you too. Mentioned to David tonight how much I missed you!

Melanie Campbell said...

I miss our talks so much! Can I come by tomorrow before church? :)

Katie said...

That would be great!