Saturday, January 8, 2011

Look Who Dropped In . . .

vigilantly of the night

If I was techno-savvy, I'd insert a nice, colorfully animated "POW" here. 

Offering a powerful right jab to the punching bag, 
Batman comes to Buzz Lightyear's aid in defeating "Evil Emperor Zerg."
(Defeating Zerg is the topic of lots of conversations these days ;) 


and then there's 
consumer of the sweet and creamy

If there's yogurt that needs devouring, she'll joyfully come to your aid!  

Not only will she singlehandedly annihilate a container of yogurt,
(with cottage cheese, or whatever other loiterers might be added to the concoction)

but her superpowers prove most effective in warding off those previously susceptible to nausea and/or a weak stomach. 

Well, I'm sure glad these super heros stopped by my house . . .
and hopefully they can stay for a while. :)


jessica said...

ADORABLE little super heros you've got there!

Lynn said...

When did John David discover Batman? Ella said those pictures were "so funny." Aunt Lynn could give Claire a run for her money in yogurt, though I'm not quite as messy when I consume it. :)

Melanie Campbell said...

So precious! I miss these kids so much (& of course I miss their Mommy, too!). I can't believe Claire is sitting in a chair! She looks so grown up! :)

The Parkers said...

Katie, as always you have such a way with words! Your comments about yogurt girl were too funny! I haven't had a chance to show Wiley these photos yet, but I know he'll love them. Batman is most definitely Wiley's favorite super hero (though it's a close call with Robin). Wiley has a few costumes that I can bring along when we come. Maybe he and JD will have fun dressing up together!

On that note, I CAN'T WAIT till Friday!!!!! I can't believe after soooooo long we are finally going to get to see one another and meet each other's little ladies! I can't wait to see JD and how big he's gotten - photos are wonderful but just never quite good enough! Love you dear Sister and thanking God for the opportunity to see one another.