Monday, January 10, 2011

A North Carolina New Year

I've always loved new beginnings.  To me, a new year inevitably feels refreshing and is accompanied by excitement.  It seemed fitting that we arrived in North Carolina on New Year's Eve.  We welcomed the new year with a new beginning, in the fullest sense.

Though we didn't take any festive New Year's pictures, this one was taken on January 1st, as Claire and I ventured out on our first shopping trip to the local Food Lion. (The only local grocery store, mind you.  Don't worry though; I was born a "small town girl."  This is my kind of pace.)     

I can't believe that we are now 10 days into 2011.  I've had several conversations in which I've mentioned 2010 as being "the fastest year ever!"  I mean, it flew by! I can't imagine time passing any faster - as they say it does with age - but this year has already seemed to take off at lightening speed.

Speaking of age, my brother celebrated another birthday - as he does every year on New Year's Day.  It has always made me proud (I'm not sure why, except that most things about my brother make me proud) to inform others that he was born on January 1st.  That is pretty cool, don't you think? :)  His birthday always seems to kind of sneak up on us though, after all the Christmas festivities.  I was sad that we couldn't share in the celebration of K.J. on his actual birthday this year, but I was thankful that David got to participate in a surprise "Lord of the Rings Risk Party" (of sorts) that Lynn ~ my thoughtful sister-in-law ~ had planned for K.J. before we left.  
Happy Birthday, K.J.  I love you, and I am so proud of you.  I'm thankful for all that the Lord molded you to be, and I'm constantly amazed at the heart and mind and vision (spiritually speaking:) that He's given you; thank you for being faithful to use each of these for His glory.  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and your family as you continue to pour out and serve and seek His face together.  I'm so thankful for the years that we lived under the same roof and/or resided in close proximity.  Blessings on another year of grace, my brother.

Well, as far as life for our family, things are going very well.  Though they are on the mend now, the kids have been sick since our arrival.  But, you know, I've really seen it as a blessing.  I think it's made for a calmer, more relaxed transition than it would have been otherwise, had they been 100% and ready to go.  It's caused us to stay inside and take it easy.  Despite their little bodies aching, I do think it was the best thing for them.  The Lord knows, of course.

Our church family here is already taking great care of us.  We've had fresh, homemade bread and muffins delivered - as well as homemade hot chocolate mix -  along with 2 dozen fresh eggs and a container of homemade chicken soup.  We've been so appreciative, and I've got a lot to learn from these domestic women!     

The ladies of the church hosted a Welcome Reception for me yesterday, and it was absolutely delightful.  I felt so honored and humbled.  They assuredly showered me with a warm, gracious welcome, and each lady brought a favorite recipe to share with me.  I've got lots of new things to try!  (I know David is thankful :)

Today was our first "official" Sunday at church as a family, so here's our "first Sunday" picture.
(pardon my "mid-sentence" smile)

We were planning on this noteworthy "first" occasion being last Sunday, but the sickness kept the kids and me away.  All throughout the day, David and I were continuously giving thanks to the Lord for how beautifully the children did today at church.  John David just walked right into his new classroom full of new faces, and he participated and had a great time!  And Claire has never had a better drop-off at the nursery.  She even was taking a nap when I went to pick her up.  I honestly was a bit in shock at the smoothness of it all.  The Lord is so kind, and His grace regarding the children this morning was so confirming that we are exactly where He wants us.
Here are a few "Daddy/Daughter First Sunday" pictures.  My little girl is very expressive . . . well, just like her daddy.  :)


Speaking of God's grace to the children, it's fun to watch them grow in their relationship with one another.  They were exceptionally agreeable today, and I wanted to make note of it.  John David likes to play games on the computer from time to time (well, as much as we'll let him; if up to him, he'd play all day!!), and Claire loves to press buttons, of course.  Today, John David was not bothered by Claire's presence as he intently tried to "defeat the bad guys," and I couldn't believe that Claire restrained her little fingers from touching the keys.  It was definitely a moment worth documenting.  

Well, THANK YOU again to those of you who've been praying for our family during this time of transition.  Please continue.  

We will be moving tomorrow to another home where we will be until our rental house is ready for us.  We won't have an internet connection at our next temporary lodging, though we will be able to use the internet at the church, as need be, just a little over a mile down the road.  Updates will probably be scarce over the next month, and - like I mentioned with my last "Scripture Memory Monday" - I've put aside weekly posts for the time being.  I'm going to try to update when I can and focus on getting settled in this new chapter. 

It's so late now, but I wanted to post while I could; I figured it may be the last for a while.  I'm still wanting to document about our Christmas (and loads of other things!), but I'll do that when time is allotted.  Until then, blessings to you and yours, as 2011 is well underway! 

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Anonymous said...

It "makes my eyes sweat" as your Dad says when I see the beautiful pictures of my great-grand children. I enjoy the comments and information about your move. Praise the Lord for taking care of you.
I know it won't always be easy but just take one day at a time.
Pop and I love you very much.