Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Winter White Welcome

I've found it a bit difficult explaining to my 3-year-old - who's learning about seasons and their distinctions - that winter does not always bring snow.  

Before leaving Alabama, we had a few small flurries, but nothing that stuck on the ground (at least at our house).  We were thrilled - no matter how small - at the timely arrival of these flakes . . . just in time for Christmas.

You can't even tell from the pictures that it was snowing; however, if you look closely, you can see one small flake near Claire's cheek below.    

John David didn't mind the amount of snow.  
Though it was nothing to write home about, it was now officially "Winter" to him! 

He found some antlers 

and was trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

Well, it's been a week ago today that we left Alabama and began our venture to North Carolina.  My valiant husband conquered the voyage driving entirely through the night.  We left around 6:30 p.m. central time last Thursday evening, and we arrived around 5:30 a.m. eastern time on New Year's Eve morning.  Two cups of coffee and two "5-hour" energy drinks later, David still had plenty of energy upon our arrival.  After helping him unload the sleeping children and an essential bag or two, I joined the little ones for some more coveted slumber.  David proceeded to unload the rest of the car and somewhat organize our belongings in the place where we are staying for a while. (The house that we're renting won't be ready to move into for a little while longer, so we are currently house sitting for some church members for the time being.)  After the caffeine began to wear off and David was finally able to wind down, he had gotten about 30 minutes of sleep when both of the kids awoke.  David was very kind and gracious, and quickly suited up to show John David what was waiting for him outside. (And he even took pictures so that I could stay in the warm indoors with Claire, who wasn't feeling well.) 

There was snow, and lots of it!
 This is what still remained of the North Carolina snow from almost a week prior.
 John David was having a blast!


He was finally getting to build the snowman he'd been talking about making for weeks. 
(Well, it actually turned into more of a "Humpty Dumpty" character rather than "Frosty." The boys ended up pushing it off the side of a tall brick wall.  Poor thing!) 

snowball making

and the serious snow ball face
("like David threw at Goliath" :)

 a glimpse of a small inlet of beautiful Lake Gaston

 making snow angels

David's work of art

We've really been praying (along with some of you - thank you so much!) about this transition for all of us . . . but especially for John David.  And in all seriousness, I saw the remains of the snow as nothing short of a gift from God to help John David get excited about where he was going to be living.  The Lord is kind, no doubt, and watching my boys play in the winter wonderland outside brought me so much joy.  On a morning that could have been difficult - waking in a new, strange place, being far from family and life as he knew it, etc. - John David was overwhelmed with delight.

And would you believe the next morning outside looked like this?
I was then convinced that God let the snow remain until John David was able to enjoy it.
In a conversation with one of our church members, he even said that he couldn't believe how long the snow had hung around.  Thank you, gracious Lord, that You care about every little detail.  I will always be thankful for Your gift to my son of our North Carolina winter white welcome.       


Seth, Jen, Hannah, and Cailyn said...

How awesome!!! Praying for your precious family during this time of transition and new beginnings!

The Rigoloso's said...

Katie! I love this! How very kind of the Lord to give John David such a cool gift! He is personal, is He not?! Love you, friend!

The Boyds said...

Aw! This post is beyond sweet! Enjoy y'all's new home!

Lynn said...

I'm so glad you finally updated your blog! It was so good to see pictures of your beautiful welcome to NC. I'm so glad John David enjoyed the snow. You got some beautiful pictures. We love you!

SusanMcPherson said...

Sweet John David! I'm so glad he had such a great time in the snow. I have thought about JD and prayed for him (and you guys, too) as you transition to this new life. I pray he finds a new sweet friend (like my Logan:) quickly, who will play trains and watch Toy Story with him, and that he adjusts well to his new surroundings. We miss you guys and love you so, sweet Kizziah family!

ruth anne shorter said...

So like our Lord who cares about the smallest details of our lives. Precious!

The Parkers said...

Precious! Thank you for sharing this tiny blessing with us, for it is indeed sometimes in the tiniest of blessings that we feel God's love the most! It seems God is indeed answering prayers in helping JD transition by having reason for joy and excitement in his new "home".

God was also faithful to sustain you all energy/strength-wise during the move. David's energy and loving heart to make that drive and then get up and go play with JD after getting such very little sleep is a wonderful testimony. That part of your blog was also a blessing to my heart. Sometimes God shines His character and love the brightest to me through the sacrificial love of my husband. Thanking the Lord for our wonderful, God-loving husbands!!!!!
Praying it works out to see you all next weekend!!!!!