Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Goodnight Blessing

Though my sentiments relate entirely to Mr. Frost at the moment, having "miles to go before I sleep," I wanted to take time to document a precious moment that took place earlier with my boy.  There are so many of these moments that I have jotted down on scraps of paper, in hopes of not forgetting them and with intentions of future, more proper documentation; but I thought I'd go straight to the computer for this one.  

David had put John David to bed, but I had to interrupt his "settling in" with a dose of tummy medicine I had forgot to administer earlier.  After he more than willingly ingested the tasty meds, he requested that I lie down with him for a few minutes; and I, more than willingly, accepted the invite for some welcomed snuggle time.  

As he was lying there quietly next to me, every other second seeming to fight against his drooping eyelids, he asked me curiously, "Are you married?"  

"Yes," I replied, a bit humored by his somewhat random question.

I then showed him the rings on my left hand and explained how you can tell (most of the time) if someone is married or not.

I then asked him if he thought he'd get married one day. 

"Yes," he said.

Interested in his answer (and thinking he'd say one of his female cousins, as he's done in times past) I asked, "Who do you think you'll marry?"  

With his arm around my neck and having surrendered to his drooping lids, he said in the sweetest voice, "Someone else like you."  

He didn't open his eyes again and quickly drifted to sleep.  Meanwhile, my own eyes couldn't help but surrender to a tear.  

Thank you, John David, for making my heart melt, once again.  I love you, my child, and I can't wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you.

*photo courtesy of our kind friend at April Rain Photography


AshBash said...

I love this! How precious.

Erin said...

Sweet JD!!! This brought tears to my eyes!! What a precious boy!!

Lynn said...

So, so precious. You're such a good mommy, Katie.

The Shamblin Family said...

Thank you for making me cry today! :) Such a sweet moment!

Bhedr said...

Hey, just wanted to drop by and say Hello, wishing you and your hubby the best over at your new church.

Here is a blog I hope you will find to be a tremendous and encouraging blessing to you. Both Terry and Michele are wonderul encouragements in the Lord. May you be as blessed as I have been by their wonderful ministry:


Bethany Vaughn said...

How precious is that sweet boy!!

Katie said...

Thank you all for your comments. I'm so thankful for John David.

And Brian ~ I really appreciate you sharing the blog link with us, as well as your sentiments regarding our new move. Thank you very much. Blessings to you and yours.

April said...

That's so great!