Monday, December 27, 2010

Another End to Another Chapter

My computer is propped in my lap on our Celebrate the Season pillow that I will soon pack away with the rest of our Christmas decor.  That's on dock for tomorrow, as are many other things on my lengthy "To Do" list.  This morning, David, the kids, and I headed out early to run errands.  After those were taken care of, we took time to enjoy a meal in a restaurant - which is a treat, and always interesting with two small children - and we are looking forward to spending some friends this evening.  I am sitting here to take a breath . . . not knowing where to begin with posting photos from the past month, amazed that another year has come and gone, and thinking through all of the change that is about to take place for our family.  

We are moving to North Carolina on Thursday.  Yes, we did just buy a house about 6 months ago, but the Lord providentially worked it our for David's brother and family - who are moving back to town - to begin renting it from us once we move.  The Lord has also provided a home for us to rent in our new little town.  The home is being built and is not quite finished, yet - thankfully - the Lord also provided a most desirable place to stay until it is complete.  (We will be house sitting for a family until they return, which is projected to be the exact "move in day" for our house.)  I am so grateful for how the Lord works out details.         

David began his job as senior pastor at Lake Gaston Baptist Church the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  He set out on his lengthy voyage to North Carolina in the wee hours of "Black Friday" morn (it did seem to bring me comfort knowing that there were lots of other individuals awake at that time:), and he did not return home to us until the 20th of this month.    So we were husband/daddy-less for 25 days!  (A record that I never hope to beat - nor even come CLOSE to beating - ever again!!)  By God's grace, the kids and I survived.  Because it was Christmas, there were lots of things going on to keep us busy; but on the other hand, it was Christmas . . . a sad time to be separated in my book.  It was so reassuring though to know that David was being WELL taken care of by our new church family (he had dinner in a different family's home EVERY evening!); he was having quality time with these dear folks and getting to know names and faces and life stories, etc.; he was visiting schools and meeting professionals regarding services for John David; he was finding us a place to live.  All of these things were important - to say the least - and knowing David was taking care of these important things brought great purpose to our extended time of separation.  We did have lots of great time with family and friends, however, as we were trying to make the most of these last days with all of them.  There were still many people that we did not get to see, but that is where I bellow a hearty "Praise the Lord!" for technology.  I am thankful for this means of keeping in touch and remaining a part of the lives of loved ones.

I was specifically grateful for technology (Skype, cell phones, text messages) while David was away.  A kind member of our church took these pictures (here a just a few) for me during David's first days at Lake Gaston.  Thank you, sweet Mary Frances.  I was SO appreciative!

David's first "official" Sunday as pastor
(This was after the evening service.  He did wear a tie that morning ;)  

Christmas Sunday at LGBC
He was the narrator in their cantata that morning and evening.

So as I sit here on the couch - the last Monday in our Alabama home, the last Monday of 2010, for that matter - so many emotions fill my heart; but so much comfort accompanies each emotion.  As children of God, we can experience TRUE comfort because of the promises of God; and we can indeed be comforted by His promises because of His unwavering character.  We know that He IS Faithfulness; He IS Love; He IS Hope and Joy and Peace.  He IS, and completely embodies, ALL that our hearts desire.  He does NOT change and remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.  His Word IS Truth, and we can count on every letter of it.  

Therefore, as we embark on a huge change in the life of our family, we can know that Sovereign God - who has ordained every detail of our lives before the foundations of the world - will, indeed, go with us.    

David pointed me to Psalm 139, and encouraged me to meditate on the whole chapter as we prepare for our transition.  I, too, will encourage you to do the same, as we all - no matter what you are facing individually - prepare to face a new year.      

Specifically, David told me how the author was marveling at the character of God - His Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and namely, the fact that He is intimately present in each aspect of our lives.  He said, "It's as if the psalmist was saying,
'You - this great God - still want to be with sinful me.'"  It is overwhelming . . . and oh-so-comforting!  

"I awake, and I am still with You."
Psalm 139:18b  

Since this is the last Monday of the year, I've decided that it will also be the last Scripture Memory Monday that I will post for a while.  Though I desire that hiding God's Word in my heart be a keen discipline in my life (and posting each week has served as a form of accountability), I do not think it's realistic to continue as we make our move.  I'm not sure when we will feel "settled" in our new residence, and I'm not sure how much I will be able to sit down at a computer at first.  

I do hope to post some pictures soon of the past month and finish documenting our Christmas festivities and celebrations, as well as some of the activities that the kids and I did while David was away.

Until then, if you are reading this now (and I'd be surprised if you've made it to the end of this lengthy post), I do ask that you pray for our family.  We need your prayers so desperately, and we would appreciate them more than you know.  I will try to post updates as I am able, so that you may know how to specifically intercede for each of us.  Also, if you are reading this, thank you for wanting to take a "glimpse" into the life of our family.  We do pray - with all of our hearts - that we will not waste this "vapor" that the Lord has granted us.  Oh, for grace to be faithful to Him in every area of our lives, in this new year, and until He returns!!  To God be the glory!! 



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Tales of a Peanut said...

Praying for y'all!

Chris Jewell said...

Jennifer and I are still praying for y'all. I am so excited to see how the Lord is working in every step of this transitional process. Lake Gaston is getting a great family!

The Shamblin Family said...

Praying for you Katie, and your sweet family! You all will be missed!

Amy said...

Katie, I have been where you are many times, and yet it never gets easier. I know the flood of emotions you must be feeling right now... so many mixed emotions and a faith journey ahead. Will be praying for you all and especially for you as you set up a new home in a new city, with a new church family. Praying Christ will be your treasure in the days to come, and always. Love to you all...

HJoy said...

Praying! I just thought to myself that I am going to come back and read this post AGAIN! We are in the process of selling our home and moving too (a house I have been living in since I was 7) so I will appreciate the truths of GOD. So not only did I read the ENTIRE post the first time (ha) but I will be reading it again. Thank you so much, Sweet Katie, for your encouragement.

The Parkers said...

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the precious time to update us on all this. God has so obviously gone before you all in this transition. It makes me smile to see how providentially He has worked all things out (ie, living arrangements on both ends in NC and AL). Please know that we will definitely be lifting up your family during these next few days and weeks. We love you all and look forward to seeing what great things God has planned for LGBC and your family!

David said...

As a family in transition, we can relate! May God bless your new ministry and fill David with wisdom as he takes on the mantle of Pastor. It is the greatest calling on earth ... and the hardest (in my book ... and HIS). We love you. Keep in touch.

jessica said...

Wonderful honest, encouraging post (as usual), Katie. Thank you for sharing the latest with all of us, your readers. I have loved catching up and feeling connected with you once again. I will be praying for you and your family as you transition. I'm excited to hear what wonderful things God has in store for you in Lake Gaston! Love you!

Katie said...

Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers, as well as for taking time to write and encourage us. We love each of you and are so thankful to journey this pilgrimage alongside you. Again, I'm thankful for technology to feel connected, no matter our location! Much gratitude ~ Katie and family :)

Katie Jane Lewis said...

As I read this, I couldn't help but be SO EXCITED for you guys and also a little jealous! :) I know your family is going to thrive in this new place and in this new phase of life. And if you're still there in a few years, who knows.... maybe Blake & I will join you. :) It IS the most beautiful state in America, after all! We love you guys and are praying for the Lord's hand to guide you graciously through this new transition!