Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rewind Wednesday : The Last of November

Farewell, November.
You were filled with lots of fun 
and many good memories.
(and please know that lots of tears, meltdowns, and discipline fill our days too;
I just prefer to make note of mostly our happy moments here. :)

So for now, I will put away my broken plate,

along with these little guys that I always look forward to getting out each year.

And so long to John David's "Jack-a-later" and the little treasures from the Pumpkin Patch.

A couple of weeks ago,
we were invited to the McPherson's camper for some fire, football, and frankfurters (hamburgers, too!)
 We love this family and enjoy spending time with them.
And Claire really likes Logan. ;)
Notice the GIANT marshmallow in Logan's hand; I'd never seen any that size before!

John David was with his friends.  They also had a Buzz Lightyear.  He was set.

It was David's idea to bring the Pack 'n Play for Claire.
 Though I was a bit leery as to whether or not we'd use it, it ended up being a great idea.  
She loved being outside by the fire, and it kept her safe and contained.
Good job, Dave! 

Cousin Abigail and family were there, too.
She made her first S'more.

Here's a closer, yummy look.
(with the marshmallow a little burnt; just the way I like it.)

The next day was Friday, November 19th: 
John David's last day at "Speech School."
 We are so proud of John David!  
He has worked so hard and has been one busy dude this semester. 

Here is "Miss Kristina," 
the graduate student that has worked with John David all semester long.
Thank you so much, Kristina!  You've been such a blessing to all of us.

Here is "Miss Rachel," another grad student whom John David enjoyed seeing each day.

I wanted to document John David's last time to "press the button" to open the door.  
This was always something to look forward to each morning. :) 

I cannot believe that our time at the University has come to a close.  The services that have been provided to us here have been remarkable; and it was only God's grace that allowed us to "get in" when we did.  The Lord is kind and takes care of His children.  Our experience at the Speech & Hearing Center - and all of the supervisors and students who have graciously and professionally worked with us - have been a beautiful testimony of that.  Praise the Lord!

Later that Friday evening, David and I went alone (John David was spending the night with JoJo and Pappy, and my mom came over to keep Claire) to a Going Away Party that some of our Circlewood folks gave us.  It was a delightful time of food and fellowship, and we felt very honored.  I am so grateful for those who pulled the gathering together, brought food, and just came to hang out.  I was so caught up in the fun that, though I had my camera nearby, I forgot to take pictures.  Oh well.  I'm documenting it here so I don't forget this great night!

Like I mentioned, John David spent the night with David's parent's Friday night.  When we went to pick him up on Saturday morning, we were able to enjoy the blessings of a beautiful autumn day.

On Monday, we were able to get away for an out-of-town fam jam! (David had already finished his job and was unemployed for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully, we had some money saved up for this outing. :)  We decided to take the kids to the McWane Center (or the "McQueen" Center, as John David called it. :)  There was lots to do and see and explore.  And Claire had just as much fun as the rest of us! 

 John David pet a hammerhead shark!!

 my little paleontologist
(If perhaps you're interested, click here to learn the difference between paleontology and archeology.)  

my meteorologist 
I may be more apt to watch the weather if I knew I'd see this guy each morning ;) 

big David

little David 

 and Mommy - along with a host of who knows how many GERMS!! - decided to join them.

I did NOT allow Claire to put her face in, though I did let her touch it.
Then the wipes were brought out for all!

John David stood in front of this blue screen and his image was portrayed on a monitor (like the weatherman).  But here he were in a soccer game, acting like the goalie.  
It was a lot of fun, and I was proud of JD for getting up there with the big boys; 
they were pretty intense.   

We pressed lots of buttons,

and I even agreed for my son to climb into a fishes mouth.  

He had already survived petting a shark.  I figured this wouldn't be too fatal. 

But my daring son did prefer to sit on the "bed of nails" instead of lie down.  
 I didn't blame him.

We were so glad that Daddy was free to join us,

and we were so thankful that he didn't get blown away!

Claire too!

The water attractions were especially a big hit for Claire,

but John David definitely experienced his share of enjoyment here too.

Needless to say, we were all pooped at the end of the day.

Not you too!
(after taking the picture, I noticed the 18 wheeler out the window)

Just kidding. 
We had a faithful captain 
who valiantly chose to conquer his weariness for the sake of the crew.
Thank you, Captain, for your choice, as well as for yet another great idea! 

Well, I guess that's a good start at trying to play "catch up" with the documentation of family events.  Maybe I should have included more pictures . . .  ;) 


Falyn & Joyanne said...

The hug btwn little and big D is *tear so great! Love the McWane pics...especially the "face" pics. So proud that you allowed the germiness, you crack me up with that wipe stuff. Sound just like my mama (good company;)
Happy Family, Happy Holidays...
Falyn & Joy

Please tell Kizzi I said Hi:)

rwebb said...

Katie, I loved all the pictures and your commentary! Such a sweet family and it looks like you guys had such a great time at the McWayne Center!

The Parkers said...

Hey Katie! Oh how I miss you and your sweet family. Still loving and enjoying your blog though. It's the next best thing if I can't see you guys face to face!

Tell John David that Wiley LOVES pushing the buttons too to open the doors whenever we go to the library. Not sure what's so fascinating about it to him, but he can't wait to run ahead and push the buttons! Also, I'm very proud of him for petting that shark. So brave! Wiley is the toughest and bravest little boy I know, and even he wouldn't pet a sting ray at the aquarium store the other day. JD is very brave! Wiley would be impressed!

Smores - Wow do those photos look yummy. And let me just say that I've never even thought to use the cinnamon and sugar graham crackers! Don't know why I've never thought of that but can't wait to try it-yum!

LOVED the photo of Claire in the "wind" machine. It made me laugh (also, she looked so grown in that photo).

Loved the precious photos of you and the kiddos napping in the car. Just for fun, I thought the last one was going to be David "napping" too. Sure do love our husbands for all the times they give up sleep and everything else to serve our families!

Love and miss you dear sister and friend!

Katie said...

Falyn, Rachel & Lydia ~
Thank you so much for taking time to write. It's always great to hear from you, and I appreciated your messages. :)