Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

Here's the post that I intended to make 2 weeks ago on Thanksgiving Day.
Though I didn't make note of it here, I spent much of the day counting my blessings!
And though there's no way to make note of each of them, I will start with a few.

  I am so thankful for . . . 
this amazingly wonderful man,

this delightfully endearing little boy,

and this adorably fun little girl.

I am also thankful for. . .  
our precious parents; 
our wonderful siblings, 
who have married fantastic spouses, 
who have given us delightful nieces and nephews; 
and for our dear grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins 
that continue to be such a special part of our lives.  
Thank you, kind & gracious Heavenly Father!

I was also very grateful that we were able to gather with my Dad's side of the family for a monumental Thanksgiving Day.
 This was the first time that all of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren - along with all of the spouses - were able to gather together in one place.  
What a blessing!
*I wanted to note that Claire was napping during the picture.  
I was sad she missed it, but I was thankful she was finally getting some much needed rest. 

 busy Claire, pre-nap :)

 lots of love

 our "Elizabeth" picture

Ella and John David with Aunt Olivia

 cousins and friends

 the Buzz Lightyear pose :)

 adorable Griffin
(Erin and Drew's son)

 We were thankful that it was such a beautiful day.

the original 10 grandchildren

 and our spouses

 Uncle Eric, cousin Cyndy, Aunt Janice, and Dad

 Aunt Janice always brings a laugh :)

 Granny and Pop with the newest addition, 
sweet baby Lowery
(Erin and Drew's youngest)

And here, Granny and Pop were given the honor of unveiling the most recent baby announcements:
a BOY (Chris & Tiffany) and a GIRL (Lauren & Nacho),
both arriving in the Spring!

It was a Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


David said...

We are thankful for YOU!

Katie said...

Thank you so much, David. And we are thankful for you and your bride, and for your faithfulness to our Lord who is worthy to be worshipped by ALL PEOPLES!!