Monday, January 4, 2010

Davids Devotion Blog

I (David) decided to pick up my "devotion Blog" again. I did this for half of the year last year and then quit adding to it because I did not feel as if it was the most effective use of my time. I know what you are thinking, "How can diving into Scripture, turning it over in your mind, and regurgitating it out for other's benefit not be a good use of your time?".

Well, it is complicated. Or maybe it is not. Maybe I am just lazy, hence the reason for hijacking my bride's blog to make this post. I hope that the more people I make aware of this blog the more solid will be my commitment to work hard every week at it. In other words I am trying to foster a little accountability here. I am doing that because the work I put into it last year was so beneficial to my own soul. Thats right, i am doing it for....ME. I know, I know selfish. Well, I will be the first to admit that no one loves David Kizziah like David Kizziah, and I love him so much that I really want him to be conformed to image of the Son and have all the remaining vestiges of sin rooted out of his heart. Knowing that some might expect a word from time to time will keep me at it when I dont "feel" like digging and working.

I really do, however, hope that the Lord uses it to bless others as well! I am not THAT selfish :) Who knows maybe the Lord will use the blog to conform others into His image as well. That is the prayer. Oh, and feel free to comment.... that will further help in the mutual encouragement and sanctification!

The blog follows Robert Murray M'Cheyne's bible reading plan which takes one through the NT and Psalms twice and year and the OT once. Hopefully the blog will spur others to dive into the word itself as well. I totally stole the idea from D.A. Carson's book For the Love of God. (A totally legitimate thing for a preacher to do). The first weeks devotions are already posted and since i just decided mid-week to pick it back up this first week is a repeat of last year's first week (another totally legitimate thing for a preacher to do, right? :)

May God take us all further up and further in to His heart as we travel there via His word!

Okay, Katie will be back now :)

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Melanie said...

David, I'm glad that you started this again...I enjoyed the postings before. I was wanting to start a Bible reading plan for this year & hadn't decided what to do yet, so this will be great for me. I very much need to be accountable when it comes to daily reading the Scriptures, & I hope this will help. I'm looking forward to a great year in the Word! :)