Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Smiles of a Mother

There are so many fun parts about being a mom. So many little things that make you smile. One of my favorites is getting to see your children's personalities develop and blossom.

Right now, John David really loves Bible stories and characters, and he really loves to reenact the stories (or parts of the stories:) with his daddy. He and David just got through with another session role playing "David and Goliath" and "Moses and Pharaoh". I absolutely love to be the audience during these entertaining monologues. GREAT ACTING, I might add!

I had to snap a few photos during their time reenacting the story of Jesus walking on the water. David and John David took turns acting as Jesus and Peter, who - when he got out of his boat to walk to Jesus - started to drown because of his lack of faith.

So here are some scenes:

John David, pretending to be
Jesus walking on the water

David, as Peter, drowning because he took
his eyes off of Jesus

Then switching roles:
David as Jesus, helping Peter as he began to sink

Sure wish I was able to post video...we are working on that. My favorite is probably Moses and Pharaoh. But hearing John David say "Daddy kill me" while pretending to be Goliath was pretty humorous...and a bit disturbing. Had to remind myself it was all pretend!


Bethany Vaughn said...

Wow! That is absolutely precious!! I love it! He must be quite the actor, he's getting it from both sides. I remember when you were the ring leader/director of our Christmas plays every year!! So creative, and a great way to internalize the stories for a 2-year-old. You MUST get some video footage!!

Aunt Vicki said...

Katie - Such a great idea! Don't know why more of us parents have not put that into practice! The scriptures will come alive! So much more interesting to kids than just reading to them! Sounds like a ton of fun!

David and Katie Kizziah said...

You ladies are sweet. I wish I could say this way our idea, but John David gets all of the credit. He is really into acting things out these days . . . stories we read, movies he watches, etc. A lot of pretending. He started acting out some of these stories the other day, wanting David to join him. So we've just run with HIS idea. Fun, fun! :)

teresa pugh said...

I am still waiting for the you tube video of John David going through the lineage of Christ in Matthew 1. to hear his little voice come out with those names that my dyslexic mind could never pronounce is amazing. What an incredible little guy with such a unique mind.

David and Katie Kizziah said...

Yes, we are so often amazed :)

The Parkers said...

How sweet and what beautiful memories! Would love to see video of this. Wiley's favorite to "play" is David and Goliath - I think anything where there is fighting would be his favorite these days. We are a bit worried bc all he wants to do is play "fight" games it seems! I think I hear "Mommy, let's fight" all day long!!! And, WHAT?!?, John David can say the entire lineage of Christ from Matthew 1? Wow! Way to go John David. I need your memory!!!