Monday, January 11, 2010

Scripture Memory Monday

Happy Monday! I hope last week was a great one and that you were able to focus more on God's Word by working on memorizing it. I sure was. Like I mentioned before, I am doing this primarily for my own sake and accountability - not to sound selfish - because consistently working on memorizing Scripture is a spiritual discipline that I struggle with. But according to some of your comments, I am not alone in this. So I hope that we can help each other.

I am excited about starting to work on another verse for this week. I was praying about which verse to post...I mean, EVERY verse is God breathed and "living and active", and the Bible is full of golden nuggets to chew on and have stored in our hearts and minds, right!?!

Well, our family is spending the week in Disney World. The Pugh family LOVES Disney World! And since I have become a Kizziah, my love for Disney still remains, and now my husband has joined the club. But, as my sweet mother often reminds us when experiencing enjoyment and luxuries (some of you may not consider a trip like this a luxury, but we sure do!), "Just take a whiff, don't inhale." That has benefited me in so many situations. Just enjoy the whiff of such "pleasures" but don't inhale, or it may overwhelm may even make you sick. We don't want to get too accustom to such things where we find ourselves seeking our joy and satisfaction and contentment from them. We know that joy comes from Christ, for "in HIS PRESENCE (NOT the Magic Kingdom) is FULLNESS OF JOY, and at HIS RIGHT HAND (NOT that of Mickey Mouse, dining with him and his friends around the breakfast table) is PLEASURE FOREVER!" (Psalm 16:11). In Christ we find contentment, not in vacations and "get aways", not luxury and short-lived thrills. So, as mom says, although it's not wrong to experience these things, we don't want feel as though we HAVE to have them. We enjoy them when we are able to, and we aren't depressed or unfulfilled when we can't. It will make us sick if we are seeking our pleasure in anything else save Christ Himself. Other things may bring momentary pleasure, but they are only that...momentary, not eternal or soul fulfilling.

So, in my ponderings of which verse to post for week 2, I found Psalm 84:10 to be quite appropriate:

"For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.

I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness."

Psalm 84:10 (ESV)

A day in His courts is better than a thousand days at Disney World (or insert the name of any other place that you LOVE to go!) In His presence is fullness of Joy and eternal Pleasure! (memorize Psalm 16:11 if you don't have it down yet...)


Melanie Campbell said...

Great post - your mothers words are very helpful for me! You know how I sometimes go on & on about never having been to Disney World - but of course even though I would love to go to Disney some day, I know that it(or anything else in this world)will never truly satisfy - only Christ can do that. I love this verse - I think this week I'll do the same as you. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Disney - enjoy the time with your family. :) Love you!

Marissa said...

Katie, thank you for those words! It was truly a breath of fresh air and a great reminder for me to truly find my source of strength in HIM ALONE! I love this verse also - and it always puts a great song in my head! I hope you are having a fun time in Disney. What other strategies did you use to memorize your verse? Just the fridge didn't do it for me! :) MM

Stacy said...

Katie, You are so right. I often get discouaraged when I have the same opportunities as others. It always helps me to think on what I do have and when I do get such opportunities remember that they are a short lived opportunity to touch others we would not normally be around with the gospel of Christ. Have a great time. I look forward to when we can go with our precious James the first time. Love, Stacy Darty. ROLL TIDE!