Friday, October 30, 2009

5 Weeks of Claire

It appears that she has slept for 5 weeks . . . do not be fooled! :)

1 week old

2 weeks

3 weeks

One Month

5 weeks

For 5 weeks now I have known the grace           

Of looking into your precious face

And learning its lines – when you sleep, when you cry

And when you’re wide awake, trying to focus your eyes.


Although I’m tired and overwhelmed at times,

I know how quickly the days are passing by.

So I’ve resolved to enjoy each moment with you,

For I remember with your brother how this “baby stage” flew!


When you are crying and sometimes hard to console,

At times I cry too, and I already know

That it is just the beginning of tears we will share –

A sweet closeness with you, that is my prayer.

For one day a big girl you will be!

I pray you will share your heart with me . . .

All your joys and struggles, laughter and tears;

Through it all know that I will be here,

In every circumstance that God ordains for you

During the time that you are passing through

A world that is often so unkind.

Oh, my child, may you learn in time

That all of these temporal things will pass;

Only what is done for Christ will last.

So I pray you will make Him alone your Treasure,

For life in Christ is the only true pleasure.

And though you are only 5 weeks old,

It excites me to think what is down the road.

But what’s down that road, only the Lord knows.

So I’ll take a deep breath and hold you close

And continue to look into your face

And savor the joy of God’s kind grace

Of having a little girl that belongs to me;

Ever since I can remember, I have hoped this would be!


Little Claire, you are so sweet,

And I love you more with each day that we meet.

To watch you cross your hands under your chin

And as you sleep, to make those little grins

That have now turned into smiles that are real . . .

Each time I see one, my heart is thrilled!

When you stretch and pucker your little lips,

I can’t help but give you kiss after kiss!

I love your eyes, your ears, your round face, and your nose,

Your tiny feet and your little toes,

Your dainty hands and your soft, pretty hair . . .

I’m so thankful for you, my sweet little Claire.

With Love, Your Privileged Mother


Liza said...

You have such a gift with words and I love reading them. She is beautiful! Love you and Miss you!

Melanie Campbell said...

She has already grown so much! Katie, you have such a gift ~ of course I teared up reading this! :)

teresa pugh said...

I am so thankful that you are not missing a moment. So many times I have wished for moments back with you my sweet Katie. I know I was there every minute those first six months but they are such a blur. But as only you know ~ after that...I seldom missed another! What a joy you have been to me all your life. I pray that you will as sweet of a life with Claire as I have had with you. Thank you for growing up to be my best friend! MOM

The Parkers said...

What a beautiful poem for your daughter. She is truly blessed to have such a Godly and loving mom. I'm always amazed at what a gifted writer God has made you and I will say again, I will not be surprised if He has a writing ministry of some sort in store for you at some point. I also loved reading your mom's comment on here. I hope to have the kind of relationship with Evie that you and your mom have. Looking forward to meeting your mom.

Hannah A. said...

So beautiful! I love it!!!

Brooke's Corner said...
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Brooke's Corner said...

Hey Katie, your children are just beautiful! Your blog was absolutely precious. God has truly blessed you with the gift of mothering. I love reading and keeping up with how things are going for you guys. You know your family has always had a special place in my heart and I pray for all of you daily. Well, I hope your family has a great rest of the week. Give David my best and give those little ones a hug and kiss for me.