Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Anniversary (already!)

I have been wanting to share some of the beautiful engagement pictures taken of my younger brother and his bride before they were wed.  I couldn't post them all, but these were just a few of my favorites!  I figured that since I hadn't already shared these, the day of their one month anniversary would be as good a time as any.  It's hard to believe how fast time is flying.

Happy 1 Month, Kameron and Olivia!

We praise the Lord for your marriage and for all that you mean to our family.
You guys are so wonderful, so fun, and so loved.

**A special thanks to the young and talented 
Will Givens of Fine Line Photography 
for allowing me to post these beautiful photos.  

You can email Will at finelinephotography@yahoo.com to find out more about him.  

Or, if you are a part of the Facebook world, you can become a fan of 
Fine Line Photography and check out more of Will's work.


Lynn said...

SOOOO beautiful!!!!

The Parkers said...

SOOOOO enjoyed getting to talk to you tonight! (I headed for bed and then remembered I forgot to bake my bread that I'd made the dough for earlier tonight - I got so wrapped up in Brian Regan with Shane and then posting my blogs afterwards that I completely forgot about it!) You are such a sweet friend and joy to talk to.
LOVE the photos! You are right - he is very gifted as a photographer! My 2 favorites are the one with them holding the photo frame and their faces inside the frame are in black and white, and also where Kameron is kissing her forehead. Too precious! Thanks for posting these.

Katie said...

I agree with both of you ladies. These pictures are great! Lynn, I'd love to post some of yours and K.J.'s engagement pictures one day. Those were gorgeous! Maybe on one of those Rewind Wednesday posts :)

Lydia ~ I so greatly enjoyed getting to talk to you as well. It was so fun, I'm just sorry it was so late! (And I hope you weren't up too much later taking care of your bread . . . way to go baking your own bread!! I've got MUCH to learn from you, my friend. Hoping to plan a trip up north soon. Until then, we'll keep up through the graces of technology. Love to you and yours!