Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

I have enjoyed making these Thursday posts for the sake of my soul.  Thanksgiving is truly refreshing, and so often, healing.  I wish I were more thankful, more often.  Making myself stop to think of something specific to write about on this day each week has indeed proven beneficial to me in many ways.

Today I wanted to give thanks specifically for my son.  John David is doing so well, making so much progress and overcoming many of the things that have been challenging for him.  I am so proud of our boy, and I'm so thankful for God's grace manifested in his life.  

Though many days are hard (like they are for anyone, specifically those parenting small children), I must say that I am very thankful that God has given me a son who has special needs.  We all have needs that are unique; John David's definitely are.  And as I've said often, many of his needs are very endearing and cause me to love him all the more!  

Today I received an encouraging letter from my Aunt Stephanie.  I am very thankful that this came when it did.  She has had much experience teaching and working with children who have all sorts of "special needs."  We recently saw her at my younger brother's wedding, and she got to spend some time - although things were busy - with John David.  In her letter, she was very encouraging to David and I and spoke highly of our son and his progress.  Thank you, Aunt Stephanie, for taking time to minister to our hearts. 

I am thankful for all that John David has taught us - specifically me as a mother.  I don't know if I would appreciate things to the same degree if God had not given him to me.  (Not that I always appreciate things as I should - please don't get me wrong!)  But it is true that God has used John David to teach David and me many, MANY things.  

The term success has definitely been redefined in our home, and we've learned to celebrate everything!  Days can be long and tiring (for ALL parents, I know), but we would not trade getting to parent John David for anything!  Long ago, God birthed in both mine and David's hearts a special love for people who don't quite "fit" in this world.  I never imagined this would characterize our son.  Yet David often reminds me that that is most assuredly the reason God has bent our hearts this way.  And he reminds me to give thanks that God gave John David to us . . . parents (along with extended family alike ~  another cause for HUGE THANKSGIVING!) that love him in all of his uniqueness.  He was not placed in a family where he would be shoved to the side because he did things "differently."

I need to draw this to a close, though I feel as though I could type on this topic for days.  But yes, let it be known today that I am so thankful for John David Kizziah!  You are a precious gift to me, my child.     


The Parkers said...

Haven't posted to your blog in a long time. With the move, it wasn't until recently that I even got to catch up on your blog but, oh how I loved reading each entry! I should've posted comments, but had no clue where to start. So many wonderful photos and beautiful words by you (as always). I must say this is one of the most precious photos I've ever seen. It's definitely one to blow up and frame. It looks like JD had a great Bday. LOVED the theme - never thought to do a Bible story as a theme but that is brilliant. I'm so glad to hear he loves stories from the Bible. We sure do love and miss you guys! Hope to catch up soon.

Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, how thankful I am to have John David in my life...he's definitely teaching me a lot! I am so glad that he is doing so well - school & the diet have already helped him SO much! You are an amazing mother to him. He is so blessed to have parents who are so dedicated to meeting all of his unique needs. He is loved by many! :)

Katie said...

Thank you, Lydia and Melanie, for your kind words. I am so thankful that you both are a part of our lives. God has blessed us with you.