Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

Because of God's grace, today my heart is full of so much to be thankful for.  

I was reminded while reading my sister-in-law's blog, that being able to stay home with my children is a huge cause for thanksgiving.  I know that not every mother is able to do this, and I also know that there are different seasons of motherhood.  So I am thankful that during these beginning years with my little ones that our circumstances allow me to be able to be at home.  

I wanted to share some pictures from the past few days with John David and Claire.    

I can't believe I have a 3 YEAR OLD in my house!
We have definitely been celebrating John David a lot the past week.

My boys enjoyed the "HUGE!" bubble maker that Miss Melanie gave
John David for his birthday.  Thanks, Melanie!

Claire wore real shoes for the first time.
At first, she didn't know what to think.  Then she let me know.
They did not stay on long!

Today John David enjoyed playing with Play-Doh.  
He made Peter, James & John in a sailboat (like the words of one of his current favorite songs); Jesus "going up to heaven", "teaching", and "walking on the water"; and - of course - David and Goliath!

Bible stories are definitely John David's "special interest" right now.  Last year it was instruments (specifically guitars), microphones, and "directing the choir."  I pray that the Lord always grants John David grace to be fixated on the things of God, and on such things that can be a means of bringing glory to His name.  

Claire has enjoyed her new girly bibs that don't soak through when she eats and drinks.
(Thanks again, Miss Melanie, who bought her a bunch of these special necessities!
Melanie is such a giver and enjoys doing things for my children.  David and I are grateful. :)
And if you look closely, you can see her teeth coming in.  She has one on the bottom and two on the top - two that appear to be her canine teeth.  I've never personally seen teeth come in this way!  When I looked it up, babies don't usually get these until they are between 16 and 22 months.  I will say, it really does look funny when she smiles.  David calls them her "fangs".  Oh well.  I'm sure the others will be there to fill in the gap before too long. :)

While finishing lunch today, John David was acting out the different "7 Drawfs".
Here he is pretending to be a few of them.





Claire is trying to crawl.  Getting close there, girly!

AND she has been attempting to do the splits.  I walked into the living room while she was watching a dvd, and I found her like this.  I thought it so cute, and I really felt as though I was watching her practice for cheerleading tryouts or something. :) Here are a few shots from yesterday evening. 

Her attempt at center splits.

Now attempting one to the side.

To me, this appeared as though she was looking behind her to
she how she measured up to the other girl's splits!  
(Seriously though, this did in fact prompt me to pray for grace 
in regard to raising a daughter in a world of comparisons.) 

Good job, Claire!

And we were all so excited when Daddy came home from work today! 
Thank you, David, for making our home such a fun place.
And thank you for being so involved in the lives of our children.

I am thankful!


Melanie Campbell said...

Katie, you are so welcome for the "HUGE" bubble maker - I'm so glad he is enjoying it - although it looks like David is a much better bubble maker than I am! I am also glad you are enjoying the "girl" bibs for Claire - it was about time! ;) Such beautiful children you have! I LOVE the pictures of John David doing the 7 dwarf faces - so glad he let me take them! And Claire is absolutely adorable! She looks so much like you!

I had a great time tonight! Looking forward to tomorrow. I love you, sweet Katie! :)

Katie said...

Melanie! What are we going to do when you go off to Boyce?! Well, I'm thankful we are getting to spend all of this time with you now. Thank you for ALL of your help and for the way you love my kids. I'm also glad that you are good at hanging pictures. :) We love you. :)

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures of John David! And I love Claire's shoes. Were those jellies?? Such a fun girl. Tell her good work on her hands and knees. We're about to get a lot busier. :)

teresa pugh said...

So much fun. Happy smiles and cubby cheeks and wonderful, intentional snapshots of moments in time that are priceless. Thank you and Lynn for capturing them for Big Daddy and me. We are loving watching our babies, babies grow. Here's to motherhood. What a time ~ what an adventure ~ what a life. Praise the Lord.

Katie said...

Thank you, Lynn and Sweet T. Yes, Claire is wearing jellies that Sophia passed along. :) Our little ones are indeed growing so quickly. It is a daily adventure and, Lynn, we ARE going to have our hands full (in a whole NEW way) very soon! I'm glad we are walking through each stage together. And Mom, thank you for the wisdom and encouragement you shower on us as we are daily needing both! Love and gratitude to the Pugh ladies :)