Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Thanksgivings

We have had Vacation Bible School at our church this week. 
I am so thankful that it worked out for John David to go each day 
and that - for the most part - he's had a blast!

I am so thankful that John David was in Miss Melanie's class.

Melanie is a dear friend of our family, and she and John David get to be around each other quite a bit.  Melanie knows the ways to best encourage John David and help him have a great time.  We are so thankful for Melanie!

I am also thankful for sweet Elizabeth.

She is a good friend of John David's from church.
Though she is a bit younger, we were so glad that Elizabeth was able to be in his class.
And the two have definitely stuck together throughout the week!
Thanks to Miss Melanie, there will be more pictures of this precious duo to come :) 

The next 3 pictures were taken today,
as we celebrated 
 9 months of Baby Claire!

Claire is so close to crawling . . . 

but she always ends up like this! 

I am so thankful for my little girl.  She is growing and changing so much.  And although I've already seen glimpses of her strong will and her personal opinions, she is such a joy and delight.  

Claire is going through the typical "attachment" stage, always wanting someone in sight and greatly preferring her mommy.  (I'm flattered, darling!)  I pray for grace to enjoy each moment of this phase, for I know she won't always cry when she can't see me nor will she always want to be right at my side.  Stages are fleeting.  Babies grow up too fast!

Claire has enjoyed trying new foods.
(most of them:)

I know that I take for granted that John David is such a great eater.  
I pray that Claire follows suit.

Oh, those precious teeth . . . 

I mentioned before how unusual Claire's teeth have decided to come in. 
As of the past couple of days, she has two on the bottom, front and center.
But we definitely get tickled over these top two.

Claire sat in a restaurant (Moe's) high chair for the first time.

When we do go out to eat with the kids, Claire has usually already eaten and stays in her own seat.  I could tell that dining with us yesterday made her really feel like a big girl!

And she still loves to jump!

This month David had to adjust her jumperoo for the second time, moving it up to the next level.  Those legs are getting longer and stronger (she's taken a couple of steps while well supported, of course) . . . and so chubby!  I love it :)

** A special thanks to Melanie, who took some of the above photos.  
Thanks for letting me borrow them for this post. :)  
You bless our family in too many ways to count!

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Melanie Campbell said...

I am so thankful for all of you, too! I was thrilled to have John David in my class - he did great! I am very proud of him! So glad I could capture so many of these precious moments! He and Elizabeth are so sweet together - today he asked where she was. :)

Happy 9 months, Claire!!! I love you! Only three months until she is 1 year old - my, how time flies! :)